Company Product Description Indication Status
Axsome Therapeutics Inc., of New York AXS-12 Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor Narcolepsy FDA issued breakthrough designation
Diurnal Group plc., of Israel  Alkindi (hydrocortisone granules) Steroid Adrenal insufficiency Ministry of Health in Israel approved the drug for infants, children and adolescents
Pharmacyte Biotech Inc., of Laguna Hills, Calif. Cypcaps  Cell-in-a-box encapsulated cell product  Locally advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer FDA accepted the drug master file from manufacturing partner Austrianova
Revive Therapeutics Ltd., of Toronto  Bucillamine  Cysteine derivative Mild or moderate COVID-19 FDA approved the start of the phase III, which is scheduled to begin in September


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