Company Product Description Indication Status
Aroa Biosurgery Ltd., of Auckland, New Zealand Endoform Extracellular matrix biomaterial derived from ovine (sheep) forestomach For soft tissue reconstruction Paper describing the ability of the Endoform platform to signal stem cells in laboratory models was published in PLOS ONE; the study provides further insights on the ability of components found within the Endoform technology to recruit stem cells from surrounding healthy tissue to support soft tissue repair; further research will be undertaken on novel protein component shown to attract stem cells
Masimo Corp., of Irvine, Calf. Masimo SpHb Noninvasive, continuous hemoglobin (Hb) monitoring Provides real-time visibility to changes, or lack of changes, in hemoglobin between invasive blood samples In a study published in the Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, researchers evaluating Masimo SpHb on neonatal patients concluded that the technology "offers reliable Hb values, which are comparable with the more traditional tHb [invasive venous blood sampling]"; researchers studied 310 neonatal patients in a level III NICU in Turkey; patients had blood drawn for tHb analysis using a hematological laboratory analyzer and SpHb values were recorded using a Masimo Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter with Rainbow sensors; using Bland-Altman analysis, the researchers found a mean bias of 0.05 g/dL between tHb and SpHb, with limits of agreement of -1.85 and 1.96 g/dL
Verndari Inc., of Napa, Calif. Vaxipatch Single-dose vaccination kit that uses a microneedle dermal patch For administering the flu vaccine Published preclinical data in Vaccine; results showed that when compared with an existing influenza vaccine, the Verndari vaccine obtained as much as a 15-fold higher immune response with 1/15 of the dose for the B/Colorado/06/2017 influenza strain


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