Company Product Description Indication Status
Sight Sciences Inc., of Menlo Park, Calif. Omni Surgical system Manually operated device for delivery of small amounts of viscoelastic fluid during ophthalmic surgery Glaucoma 6-month interim safety and efficacy results from a prospective, multicenter, historically controlled GEMINI study in open-angle glaucoma showed 75% reduction in use of intraocular pressure (IOP)-lowering medications; of 76 patients, 56 (73%) did not require glaucoma medications at 6 months post-treatment; average IOP reduction among medication-free patients was 40% compared to unmedicated baseline IOP, and 95% had >20% reduction in IOP with an IOP range between 6-18 mm Hg; only minor adverse events were reported: hyphema (4.6%), IOP spikes (2%), vitreous hemorrhage (1%) and iritis (1%); the findings were presented at Women in Ophthalmology 2020 Virtual Summer Symposium


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