Company Product Description Indication Status
Cytosorbents Corp., of Monmouth Junction, N.J. Cytosorb Blood purification technology Treatment of deadly inflammation in critically ill and cardiac surgery patients Published study in Artificial Organs that used Cytosorb in 50 critically ill COVID-19 patients that required renal replacement therapy for acute kidney injury; 28-day survival post-ICU admission was 70%; survivors averaged 2 ± 1 Cytosorb treatments to achieve statistically significant improvements in a wide range of inflammatory and clinical parameters, compared to before Cytosorb treatment (p<0.05); all survivors were successfully weaned from mechanical ventilation and vasopressors and discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation to home by 32 ± 12 days post-ICU admission; non-survivors (30%) did not respond to Cytosorb therapy and had progressive disease; non-responders had evidence of generally greater blood clot burden and more advanced thromboembolic disease upon ICU admission, with average D-dimers (degradation byproducts of blood clots) of 3,940 ± 1,780 ng/mL compared to 2,860 ± 780 ng/mL in survivors
Moleculight Inc., of Toronto Moleculight i:X Hand-held fluorescence imaging device For use in the detection of wounds containing bacteria Published results from a 2-year retrospective study of 229 foot ulcers in Diagnostics; during the period of fluorescence imaging using the Moleculight i:X, the number of wounds seen at the Gillian Hanson Diabetes Centre increased by 27%, yet annual antimicrobial dressing expenditure decreased by 33%; implementation of fluorescence imaging was associated with a 49% decrease in the prescription of antimicrobial dressings and a 33% decrease in antibiotic prescriptions; routine use of fluorescence imaging was associated with improved clinical outcomes, including a 23% increase in wound healing rates within 12-weeks (48% vs. 39%), likely due to earlier bacterial detection and improved wound hygiene


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