Company Product Description Indication Status
Cerus Corp., of Concord, Calif. Intercept blood system for plasma Uses amotosalen and ultraviolet A illumination to irreversibly cross-link nucleic acids Pathogen inactivation of convalescent plasma for COVID-19 treatment Presented data on the efficacy of Intercept-treated COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) to treat COVID-19 pneumonia patients; enrolled 15 subjects who received Intercept-treated CCP and 30 matched controls who received standard therapy without CCP transfusion; of the 15 patients treated with INTERCEPT-treated CCP, 93.3% responded and were alive at study day 28; among the 30 matched control patients, 20% died by study day 28
Precigen Inc., of Germantown, Md. PRGN-3006 UltraCAR-T cells Autologous CAR T-cell treatment targeting CD33 Cell therapy for patients with relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia and higher risk myelodysplastic syndrome Presented data from the ongoing phase I/Ib dose-escalation study; 6 patients have been treated across the two lowest dose levels in Cohort 1 (no lymphodepletion) and 3 patients have been treated at the lowest dose level in Cohort 2 (with lymphodepletion); encouraging expansion and persistence of PRGN-3006 UltraCAR-T was observed in both lymphodepletion and non-lymphodepletion cohorts and across all dose levels; PRGN-3006 has been safe and well-tolerated


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