Company Product Description Indication Status
Phase I
Altimmune Inc., of Gaithersburg, Md. ALT-801 Peptide-based dual GLP-1/glucagon receptor dual agonist Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Dosing commenced
Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH, of Hanover, Germany CDR-132L Antisense oligonucleotide Chronic heart failure Phase Ib trial met all endpoints and showed excellent tolerability and safety at all dose levels during the 120-day study period; no safety signals or unexpected adverse events were observed
Curis Inc., of Lexington, Mass. CA-4948 Small-molecule IRAK4 kinase inhibitor Relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes Marrow blast reductions were observed in all evaluable patients; 6 of 7 enrolled remain on the study
Domain Therapeutics SA, of Strasbourg, France DT-9081 EP4 receptor antagonist  Cancer Phase Ib-enabling studies launched 
Harpoon Therapeutics Inc., of South San Francisco HPN-424 PSMA-targeting T cells Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer  1 patient achieved a confirmed partial response; 3 had serum PSA reductions, including 1 with a reduction of 50%
Larimar Therapeutics Inc., of Bala Cynwd, Pa. CTI-1601 Recombinant fusion protein Friedreich’s ataxia Dosing completed 
Panbela Therapeutics Inc., of Minneapolis SBP-101 Polyamine analogue designed to induce polyamine metabolic inhibition Metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma Enrollment completed
Vicore Pharma Holding AB, of Gothenburg, Sweden  C-21 Angiotensin II type 2 receptor agonist COVID-19 Reduced risk of needing oxygen at the end of treatment by a statistically significant 40% (p=0.057)
Phase II
Axsome Therapeutics Inc., of New York AXS-05 NMDA receptor antagonist with multimodal activity Major depressive disorder  An 8% reduction in MADRS Suicidality Item score by week 1 and an 82% reduction by week 4
Bellus Health Inc., of Laval, Quebec BLU-5937 P2X3 antagonist Refractory chronic cough First patient dosed in the phase IIb study
Monopar Therapeutics Inc., of Wilmette, Ill. Validive Mucobuccal tablet formulation of clonidine  Chemoradiotherapy-induced severe oral mucositis in oropharyngeal cancer  Phase IIb/III initiated
Sojournix Inc., of Waltham, Mass. SJX‑653 Neurokinin 3 antagonist Moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms due to menopause Study resumed after pause due to COVID-19
Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Burnaby, British Columbia XEN-007 (Flunarizine) Calcium channel inhibitor Childhood absence epilepsy All 3 subjects completed maintenance phase of dosing and exhibited a significant reduction in seizures
Phase III
Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc., of Lexington, Mass. Reproxalap ophthalmic solution Covalent inhibitor of reactive aldehyde species Dry eye disease First patient enrolled
Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc., of San Diego Etrasimod Oral sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor modulator Ulcerative colitis Targeted enrollment goal of 372 participants achieved
Astrazeneca plc, of London AZD-1222 Vaccine COViD-19 infection Interim analysis demonstrated that the vaccine is safe and effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19; published in The Lancet
Novaliq GmbH, of Heidelberg, Germany Cyclasol Topical anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating ophthalmic solution, containing 0.1% cyclosporine A  Dry eye disease First patient randomized


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