Company Product Description Indication Status
Masimo Corp., of Irvine, Calif. Masimo Oxygen Reserve Index (ORi) Noninvasive and continuous parameter enabled by the multiwavelength Rainbow pulse CO-Oximetry platform To limit the extent of postoperative hyperoxia Researchers divided 50 patients scheduled for breast surgery into a group receiving ORi-based oxygen treatment (group O) and a control group that received conventional postoperative oxygen treatment (group C); hyperoxia was defined as partial pressure of arterial oxygen (PaO2) > 120 mmHg, and hypoxia as oxygen saturation (SpO2) ≤ 94% for more than 1 minute; found that PaO2 was significantly lower in the ORi group both before patients left the post-anesthesia care unit (mean 117.3 mmHg [one standard deviation 26.8 mmHg] in group O vs. 170.0 mmHg [42.8 mmHg] in group C) and the morning after surgery (107.5 mmHg [16.5 mmHg] in group O vs. 157.1 mmHg [28.4 mmHg] in group C); p < 0.01; no patients had hypoxia
Memed Diagnostics Ltd., of Haifa, Israel Memed Key 15-minute blood test for the protein interferon gamma induced protein 10 (IP-10) Helps guide treatment of COVID-19 with corticosteroids Researchers measured IP-10 levels twice a day over the course of a month in 52 SARS-CoV-2-positive patients, 26 of whom developed severe COVID-19; Memed Key revealed that severe patients had very high median IP-10 levels (1,190 pg/mL) vs. the median IP-10 levels of the nonsevere group (328 pg/mL); in 17 of the severe patients treated with corticosteroids, median IP-10 levels fell from 2,961 pg/mL to 372 pg/mL within 3-5 days; 2 of these patients eventually died of COVID-19-related complications, and both of them exhibited IP-10 flare-ups of >1,000 pg/mL after initiation of corticosteroids
Theradiag SA, of Croissy Beaubourg, France Certest Antigen test Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Study using the French National Authority for Health requirements compared Certest to the reference RT-PCR test; results of the study validated the sensitivity and specificity of Certest for patients with high and very high viral loads, confirming results from previous studies
Theranica Bio-Electronics Ltd., of Netanya, Israel Nerivio Smartphone-controlled therapeutic device to be worn on the upper arm; uses remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) Treatment of migraine in adults A systemic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials found that REN was the only neuromodulation-based acute migraine treatment with sufficient clinical evidence to conclude that it is effective; the research was published in The Journal of Headache and Pain


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