Deals tracked by BioWorld indicate a slight slowdown in activity moving from April to May, showing an 8% drop in the number of deals and a 43% drop in the disclosed deal values.

In total, 153 deals in May had a combined projected value of $7.64 billion vs. 166 deals in April worth $13.5 billion. Despite the lower numbers, deal values increased in June to $16.5 billion with a few days to go. Including the partial June figures, May represents almost 10% of the deal value this year, which has now reached $78.53 billion, and about 17% of the deal volume, which is at 925 deals total.

Of the licensing, collaborations and joint ventures completed in May, 42 were focused on COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines, representing nearly 28% of the volume, but only 2% of the projected deal value for the month. In contrast, 36% of the April deals were focused on the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Only 25 of the total deals in May had disclosed terms. Two were COVID-19-related: Betterlife Pharma Inc. partnered with Altum Pharmaceuticals Inc. in a deal worth $162.85 million to commercialize Anticovir to treat COVID-19 worldwide, except greater China, Japan and the ASEAN countries; and Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals agreed to invest $3.56 million in Shanghai Henlius Biotech Co. Ltd. to use its intellectual property to develop a fully human antibody drug against COVID-19.

Nearly 76% of the projected deal value in May, or $5.8 billion, was for cancer therapies, with two partnerships surpassing the $1 billion mark. Bristol Myers Squibb Co. signed a deal with Repare Therapeutics Inc. to develop multiple oncology drug candidates using the Sniprx synthetic lethal discovery platform worldwide for $3 billion; and Gilead Sciences Inc. agreed to co-develop and co-commercialize Arcus Biosciences Inc.’s clinical programs against cancer everywhere but the U.S. for $2 billion.

Two other large deals completed in May were focused on ocular therapeutics. One worth $495.53 million involved Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, which agreed with CDR-Life Inc. to develop and commercialize antibody fragment-based therapeutics for geographic atrophy worldwide. Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. also signed a large ocular deal, worth $252 million, with Jcyte Inc. to develop and commercialize Jcell for retinitis pigmentosa outside of the U.S., including Europe and Asia.

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Abbvie/Allergan M&A tops the year

Abbvie Inc.’s acquisition of Allergan plc for $63 billion was completed in May. It is the largest M&A so far this year and the fourth largest biopharma M&A of all time, behind Actavis plc’s acquisition of Allergan in 2015 for $77 billion (the combined company became Allergan), Bristol Myers’ buyout of Celgene Corp. in 2019 for $74 billion and Pfizer Inc.’s purchase of Wyeth in 2009 for $68 billion.

In total, the Abbvie/Allergan acquisition accounts for 53% of the total M&A value for 2020, which is at $118.67 billion. The 13 biopharma M&As completed in May are about 23% of the 57 completed so far this year. The month showed an increase over April in which there were nine M&As valued at $7.3 billion. So far in June, seven M&As worth $2.97 billion have been completed.

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