A Medical Device Daily

Sono-Tek (Milton, New York) said it has sold its MediCoat DES 2000 stent coating systems to a "leading" unnamed global medical device manufacturer. The sale is Sono-Tek's largest ever sales transaction to the medical device industry, valued at about $400,000, the company said.

The confidential global client has already owned Sono-Tek systems for a number of years, and operated them successfully in the manufacture of high quality cardiac stents, the company said. The MediCoat DES 2000 incorporates Sono-Tek's MicroMist ultrasonic atomizing nozzle, and provides stent motion that assures a complete, uniform and accurate micronic layer coating, in a validated process.

"Capital investments in the medical device manufacture industry are undergoing strict financial due diligence and comprehensive operational performance evaluations in the current economic climate," said Dr. Joseph Riemer, Sono-Tek's president. "This large repeat order is a vote of confidence for Sono-Tek's ultrasonic atomization technology in general, and for our MediCoat DES 2000 in particular."

Sono-Tek develops liquid spray products based on its ultrasonic nozzle technology.