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With more than 20 years of experience in health management and overseas patient care, Veiovis (Seattle), a new medical tourism facilitator of overseas medical travel, claims authority in both medical case management and travel facilitation.

"It's time to put the medical concerns of the 'patient' on par with the tourist needs of the 'traveler' in this industry," said Joseph Husslein, CEO and founder of Veiovis. "Veiovis is designed to put the 'medical' back into 'medical travel'."

An offshoot of TakeCare Insurance (Guam) – the sole health insurance provider for the U.S. Federal Employee Health Benefit Program – Veiovis says it leverages a wealth of experience in providing healthcare directly to patients. Its significant resources include TakeCare's health insurance and clinic operations, and recorded success as a pioneer of medical travel.

Ed Fess, MD, medical director for TakeCare and Veiovis. Said, "As I meet with ... U.S. domestic and international doctors and hospitals, their common concern has been a severe lack among medical travel facilitators with experience in medical case management. The industry is populated by facilitators with primarily travel and tourism backgrounds who have almost no developed infrastructure for managing the entire continuum of patient care. By contrast, Veiovis leverages a model for overseas medicine - anchored in health care management and real clinical resources – that has been refined over the course of two decades through TakeCare."

Through TakeCare's 35-year presence in Asia, Veiovis says it operates with a thorough understanding of the global and local medical landscapes. For Veiovis patients, this warrants seamless quality care that is constantly monitored by personal case managers and connected to a network of accredited hospitals; international medical specialists; and travel, hospitality and logistics service providers.