Roche starts new diabetes program

Roche Diagnostics (Indianapolis), maker of Accu-Chek blood glucose monitoring systems and insulin pumps, reported its long-term commitment to tackle the growing epidemic of diabetes by its Behavior Change through Patient Engagement program - a wide array of educational programs and tools that promote more effective self-care.

"As the world leader in diabetes diagnostics, we have a responsibility to provide solutions that overcome a critical gap in diabetes management," said Luc Vierstraete, head of Roche Diabetes Care North America. "Traditional diabetes management tends to focus on telling people with diabetes what to do but that, by itself, doesn't necessarily fully engage patients. Our initiative, Behavior Change through Patient Engagement, is all about helping patients take an active role in their diabetes self-care. We know that keeping patients engaged and focused on self-care is critical to long-term success and better outcomes. We are so committed to this effort, we have already invested more than $14 million toward this initiative and will continue to do so."

Strategic Diagnostics gains ISO certification

Strategic Diagnostics (Newark, Delaware) said that it gained an ISO 9001:2000 certification for all five of the company's facilities.

"This certification demonstrates our commitment to excellence in product and service quality, and a continued focus on improving the customer experience," said Francis DiNuzzo, president/CEO of Strategic Diagnostics. "SDI continues to expand its competencies with a strong focus on quality and innovation. As a result we are building a leadership position in the Life Science market with a full suite of custom immunosolutions based on our antibody expertise and in the food safety marketplace with a growing portfolio of rapid pathogen detection solutions."