• Microsoft (Redmond, Washington) has introduced the Microsoft Amalga Unified Intelligence System (UIS) 2009, the next generation of an enterprise data aggregation platform that enables hospitals to unlock patient data stored in a wide range of systems and make it easily accessible to every authorized member of the team inside and beyond the hospital. When authorized by the patient, Amalga UIS 2009 can push patient data generated at the hospital, including test results, medications and discharge summaries, to the patient's HealthVault record via the ASTM Continuity of Care Record industry-standard specification. The patient can then use and share this information, as desired, with other clinicians or caregivers.

• SymCare Personalized Health Solutions (West Chester, Pennsylvania) said the FDA has cleared the inTouch diabetes program to support effective diabetes management. The new web-based system uses a combination of objective biometric data, education and a rewards program to better engage patients in effective diabetes management. The system offers patients a network of support and customized education and information while providing healthcare professionals with objective biometric data for more specific and personalized patient/healthcare professional interaction.

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