• EmpowHer (Phoenix) said it has launched its new web site, offering women a comprehensive multimedia library, access to leading medical experts and advocates, and a devoted community where women can ask, share and connect with one another in a safe and supportive environment. Founder Michelle King Robson said she created EmpowHer after suffering from her own debilitating health issues and experiencing first-hand how difficult it can be for women to get the help they need. "I was so ill and felt like I was all alone. Ultimately, it is my goal to give all women a voice when it comes to their health and wellbeing. EmpowHer will help stop the silent suffering of women around the world and lead the next major change in women's healthcare," Robson said.

• Spinal Kinetics (Sunnyvale, California) reported the successful implantation of the first patienta with the company's M6-L artificial lumbar disc. The M6-L lumbar disc is an advanced-generation artificial disc designed to replace an intervertebral disc damaged by disc degeneration. The company said it is the only replacement disc that replicates the anatomic structure of a natural lumbar disc by incorporating an artificial nucleus and annulus. Together, the nucleus and annulus are designed to provide the same motion characteristics of a natural disc. The M6-L's compressible polymer nucleus is designed to simulate the function of the native nucleus, while the surrounding multi-layer high tensile strength fiber annulus is intended to facilitate a controlled range of motion in multiple directions. The M6 artificial disc is implanted with proprietary surgical instrumentation. This specialized system was designed with surgeon feedback and is intended for simple, safe, and reproducible M6 implantation.

• Unibased Systems Architecture (Chesterfield, Missouri) reported a new web-based product aimed at improving convenience for physicians, increasing access management productivity, and electronically documenting physician orders for procedures. Physician Order Capture and Enterprise Tracking (POCET) addresses the major crisis facing today's healthcare environment by streamlining physician order capture for procedures and eliminating multiple phone calls, faxes and delays in gathering those orders and linking them to a specific encounter. POCET will capture, store, and link scanned, faxed, email or electronic orders for procedures to both patient and physician records. Orders will be stored as documents, which may be made immediately available to any authorized performing department.

• Verathon (Bothell, Washington) said its GlideScope Ranger Video Laryngoscope has been granted Airworthiness Certification from the U.S. Army. This certificate allows the device to be used by military healthcare personnel in some of the most demanding military settings. The GlideScope Ranger was designed to meet the needs of military physicians and paramedics who regularly treat patients with severe trauma and who intubate in extreme conditions. The Ranger provides a clear picture of the larynx and vocal cords on a display monitor, enabling visual control of the endotracheal tube (ETT) in its trajectory toward the airway. The company says that the Ranger takes less force than traditional methods, helping eliminate trauma to patients. It facilitates fast, accurate ETT placement in difficult and routine airways, and helps prevent improper ETT placement and related complications in emergency, out-of- hospital situations.

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