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Labcyte (Sunnyvale, California) reported the issuance of U.S. patent No. 7,405,072, which covers moving liquids with sound to transfer fluids within a sealed container, free from any physical contact. This process can be applied to the testing of pathogens and other dangerous fluids.

"A pathogen-containing liquid can be introduced into a vessel and permanently sealed. We can then use sound energy to move that liquid with high precision and accuracy within the vessel without ever physically touching the liquid. For example, we can transfer a droplet of a liquid, including blood, from a sample pool within the sealed vessel onto a receiving surface that contains specific test chemistry," said Chief Technical Officer Richard Ellson. "Sound waves enter the container, but the pathogens cannot leave. Since acoustic transfer is completely 'touchless' and eliminates pipette transfers, there is no contamination of pipette tips, labware, or other samples. Wash solutions are not necessary."

Acoustic droplet ejection allows volume transfers of a few nanoliters or less. This technology enables miniaturization of biological assays. Transferring liquids within a sealed container minimizes exposure risk for technicians who handle the samples.

Labcyte uses sound to move liquids.