A Diagnostics & Imaging Week

Lifeline Biotechnologies (Reno, Nevada) reported that it has formed a subsidiary from which to conduct the business of its First Warning System (FWS) designed to help with the early detection of breast cancer.

CEO Jim Holmes said, "Now that the FWS interpretative software patent has been filed, a new Lifeline Biotechnologies wholly owned subsidiary, First Warning Systems, has been created. First Warning System will afford the concentrated effort to move toward commercialization of the process that assists in the early detection of breast cancer.

"Our system of classification of thermal abnormalities assists in the early detection of breast cancer, often before morphological changes are obvious. This is cutting-edge technology and holds the potential of revolutionizing early breast cancer detection, at stages of the development of the cancer when it is much more probable that a cure of the disease can be successful."

Of the nearly $138 billion spent on cancer each year, Lifeline said it could potentially save the healthcare industry billions of dollars annually, assuming the following are successfully completed: clinical trials, if required; filing and receiving a 510(k) from the FDA" and establishment of the product in the marketplace.