Novare Surgical Systems (Cupertino, California) reported the successful completion of the first pediatric single-port splenectomy, using RealHand HD instruments. RealHand HD instruments are full range-of-motion, hand-held laparoscopic instruments. The technology is designed to mirror the surgeon's hand direction with the added benefit of tactile feedback. As such, when the surgeon's hand moves in one direction, the instrument tip exactly follows. RealHand offers 7 degrees of freedom of movement in a hand-held instrument and with no need for additional hardware. The company said RealHand will enable surgeons to perform more difficult maneuvers that otherwise cannot be completed with traditional rigid instruments. Novare Surgical Systems makes minimally invasive surgery products.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (Rochester, New York) has submitted its Vitros 5600 Integrated System for FDA 510(k) clearance. The system integrates immunoassay testing and clinical chemistry to perform more than 100 different assays. The product can manage various samples simultaneously and does not require them to be sent to separate processing centers, the company said. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics specializes in transfusion medicine.

Zounds (Phoenix) introduced the Zounds Z1 Power BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aid. The Zounds Power BTE is designed and manufactured specifically for those individuals suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. The Z1 Power BTE offers the some of the following technological and performance-enhancing features found in all Zounds aids: amplification capabilities for severe and profound hearing loss (unique to Power BTE); noise cancellation technology eliminates most background noise; directional microphones that continually scan the user environment to generate voice clarity; and custom programming of 16 frequency bands, up to 8000 Hertz. Zounds Hearing makes hearing aids for use with mild to profound hearing impairments.