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minSURG (Clearwater, Florida), producers of the TruFuse percutaneous facet stabilization procedure, has reported the creation of a business named minSURG International, established, it said, in response to "worldwide demand" for the TruFuse procedure and products.

Jim Doulgeris, CEO of minSURG, said, "Distributors from Canada, Brazil, Germany, Greece, South Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey and Japan have expressed strong interest in providing the benefits of our minimally invasive and percutaneous spinal fusion to their populations suffering from debilitating back pain. Sales to Turkey and Greece have already been initiated."

The TruFuse procedure uses specially designed human bone dowels to stop facet joints from moving, which is intended to eliminate or dramatically reduce back pain caused by a variety of reasons. TruFuse also is used to supplement other back surgeries when more invasive or destructive means are not required.

The TruFuse procedure is intended to fuse the facet joints through a natural healing process for a long-term solution. Because TruFuse causes minimal tissue damage, it does not preclude other options, including non-surgical alternatives, and TruFuse can be used earlier than other, more invasive spine fusion methods. minSURG reports that more trhan 2,000 patients have been treated to date.

Peter Sontag, chairman of minSURG's parent company, was appointed president of the company's new international division. Sontag's international business experience, having lived abroad for more than 22 years and understanding of diverse cultures, makes him the ideal candidate for this position, the company said.

According to Sontag, TruFuse must respond to the demands of the international marketplace after "successfully engaging North America." He said, "The dynamics of numerous medical reimbursement systems around the world are as unique as the languages spoken in their various countries. We will implement dynamic solutions to international distribution parallel to the success we have demonstrated here."