A Medical Device Daily

Pathway Medical Technologies (PMT; Kirkland, Washington) reported it was recently granted another U.S. patent for its Pathway PV Atherectomy System.

The issuance of this latest patent enhances the intellectual property related to Pathway Medical's atherectomy system, which is designed to treat the difficult arterial disease found in the legs. Pathway Medical has a total of three patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relating to differential cutting and the removal of atherosclerotic plaque for its rotational atherectomy system.

"This latest patent is one more addition to a robust intellectual property portfolio covering key aspects of our system," said Ted Wulfman, CTO and co-founder of Pathway Medical. "We continue to pursue a strategy of building a strong intellectual property portfolio to protect the many inventions and systems related to this innovative atherectomy technology."

Wulfman said several other patents are pending.

Pathway Medical Technologies was founded to develop devices for the treatment of arterial disease. The company's initial focus is treating peripheral arterial disease more quickly and effectively than existing technologies.