WorldDoc (Las Vegas) reported the integration of its consumer care management systems with Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft Corp.'s consumer health platform. Now users of WorldDoc's systems will be able to pull data from their personal HealthVault record into WorldDoc's systems, as well as make updates to their HealthVault record from within the WorldDoc system. The enhanced accessibility and portability of health information resulting from this coordination opens new possibilities for improved and personalized health management.

HealthVault is a free, web-based platform designed to put individuals in control of their health data. It helps them collect, store and share health information with family members and participating health care providers. HealthVault provides a privacy- and security-enhanced foundation that providers of wellness and care management solutions, such as WorldDoc, can connect to in order to synchronize health data. The individual consumer determines what information is stored in the HealthVault record and who is allowed access to that information.

The core component of WorldDoc's consumer care management systems, WorldDoc 24/7, is an interactive personal health management application that assists users to evaluate symptoms, understand their health issues, assess health risks and take steps to decrease those risks.

WorldDoc provides consumer care management systems to health plans, third party administrators and employers.

Navigators Group establishes life science unit

The Navigators Group (New York) said that its principal underwriting agency subsidiary, Navigators Management, has established the Life Sciences business unit. This business unit will focus on underwriting specialized property/casualty products for the life sciences industry on a global basis, as well as help to deliver the company's existing portfolio of relevant products.

Christopher Duca, president of the company's Navigators Pro division, said: "The mapping of the human genome has accelerated drug discovery that is in part driving the growth of the life sciences sector. Navigators has responded to the needs of life science companies and their directors and officers, who face complex management liability exposures, with our breakthrough coverage InNAVation line of products. We are pleased to strengthen our solid market position in the life sciences sector with a complete suite of innovative insurance solutions."

DRS introduced to imaging industry

Diagnostic Radiology Services (DRS; Roseville, California), a provider of a range of tailored consulting services for the diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology fields said that it is introducing its practice to the imaging industry. DRS was created to assist radiology groups, hospitals, publicly traded imaging companies, senior executives of equipment manufacturers and large-scale lending institutions with the development and management of outpatient imaging centers and radiation treatment centers.

DRS was formed to address the changing needs of the imaging and radiology markets and to help providers face recent challenges stemming from the aftermath of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. The tailored services offered by DRS include, among others, development and implementation of initiatives that address revenue opportunities, cost management, workflow processes, technology appropriation and implementation, clinical and service excellence, turn-key management, mergers and acquisitions consulting and due diligence, facility design and construction and financial and business development.

DRS is lead by Steven Renard, an imaging executive who serves as chairman, president/CEO. Renard brings more than 15 years of healthcare experience to the new business, most of which have been spent within the diagnostics imaging arena.

Freedom2 Holdings expands into skin industry

Freedom2 Holdings (Cherry Hill, New Jersey), makers of inks for the purpose of permanent but more easily removable tattoos today announces its expansion into the $250 billion worldwide skin care industry through the application of the company's Patented Particle Encapsulation Delivery System (PEDS).

PEDS is a patented and patent-pending technology that encapsulates matter, such as pigments, dyes and pharmaceuticals in a biocompatible microscopic polymer bead. The polymers used allow for different bead size and construction. The biocompatible beads can be erodible (biodegradable) or non-erodible.

The scalable PEDS technology platform uses three methods of encapsulation: single-emulsion solvent evaporation, double-emulsion solvent evaporation, and spray dry solvent evaporation. Freedom-2 has developed pilot-scale processes (up to 100 gram/batch) and is rapidly developing (under ISO 9001:2000 controls) commercial scale capabilities.