A Medical Device Daily

Allarae HealthCare (Dallas) reported plans to update the market by Thursday on a signed joint venture umbrella agreement with a Switzerland-based company.

The company also released a new corporate web site at www.allarae.com.

"Our new partners have agreed to create a domestic branch as a Nevada corporation, in addition to having a shared sales office in Dallas," said Phil Matteis, CEO of Allarae. "This important alliance will be responsible for distribution of joint products here in America and work toward completing further FDA approvals."

He added, "I am pleased to announce that we have some new and exciting products on the horizon for the consumer healthcare industry that include hardware and software to complement our personal screening kits. We are planning to introduce some of these at the world's leading medical trade fair MEDICA in November in Düsseldorf, Germany."

Allarae makes personal screening and monitoring kits together with a software package for the live tracking and management of test results. The test kits include a range of products for the analysis of hair, saliva, breath, urine and blood. They provide individuals with immediate test results that can be used in the screening of major illness and in the determination of individual health conditions. Several of the test kits already are FDA-approved for sale in the U.S., and others are in the process of receiving approval.