A Diagnostics & Imaging Week

ProUroCare Medical (Minneapolis) said it has acquired a "broad array" of mechanical imaging technology patents owned by Profile, covering prostate and breast imaging applications and the basis of the ProUroScan prostate imaging system that is in development, the company said.

Previously ProUroCare had licensed the patents. The company said that acquiring the patents would ensure that current and future versions of its ProUroScan would have intellectual property protection.

In addition to eliminating licensing royalties, the company said that acquisition of the patents will give it the freedom to pursue additional applications where imaging soft tissue organs may provide a diagnostic or therapeutic benefit to patients.

"The acquisition of this intellectual property is one more strategic milestone for the company as it positions itself for future growth and commercialization of mechanical imaging technologies," said Rick Carlson, ProUroCare's CEO.

ProUroCare develops mechanical imaging technology applications intended to improve detection and active surveillance of prostate disease.