• Pioneer Surgical Technology (Marquette, Michigan) reported receiving FDA clearance for its LowTop pedicle screw system to treat a variety of spinal disorders. LowTop's low profile design, coupled with its 'no torque' locking feature, can offer surgeons a user-friendly pedicle screw system complete with poly axial and fixed screws in a variety of modular and pre-assembled size ranges which should reduce operating room time and improve patient outcomes. In addition, the poly axial screw has the unique ability to be locked in any position prior to the locking of the rod which allows for compression, distraction and rod rotation prior to the final lock. Pioneer Surgical Technology makes motion preservation devices.

• Telemedicus (Houston) said it has begun marketing the new DREAMS deployable platform for research purposes to federal and state agencies. Telemedicus says that DREAMS technology turns ambulances, clinics or medical transportation vehicles into mobile trauma centers or telehealthcare locations. Telemedicus makes mobile medical communications technology using bi-directional audio, video and patient data communication between a remote unit such as a rural ambulance service and the physician in a hospital.

• Third Wave Technologies (Madison, Wisconsin) reported FDA clearance of its InPlex CF molecular test which simultaneously detects and identifies cystic fibrosis mutations in patient DNA samples. The company said that the InPlex delivers the accuracy of Third Wave's Invader chemistry in a microfluidic card developed in collaboration with 3M (St. Paul, Minnesota). The InPlex is a genotyping test that provides information for cystic fibrosis carrier screening for adults of reproductive age as an aid in newborn screening for cystic fibrosis, and in confirmatory diagnostic testing for cystic fibrosis in newborns and children. Third Wave makes diagnostic reagents for a variety of DNA and RNA analysis applications.

The U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (ISR; San Antonio, Texas) has issued the results of a study showing that WoundStat, a product from TraumaCure (Bethesda, Maryland) is the most effective wound treatment available to stop severe bleeding, the No. 1 cause of death for soldiers in battle. Only WoundStat was 100% effective at stopping high-pressure arterial bleeding in severe wounds, according to the report. WoundStat is a granular mix that comes in a lightweight pouch. WoundStat is non-toxic and TraumaCure says that it has no side effects, such as heat generation, that have plagued other products. It works even in heparinized blood, and is effective in all temperatures. TraumaCure does research concerning ballistic injuries.

• VertiFlex (San Clemente, California) reported FDA clearance of the Silverbolt Percutaneous Multi-Level Rod (MLR) system, designed to percutaneously deliver two rods into a single screw for multi-level spine stabilization applications. Using the Silverbolt MIS delivery system, the MLR stabilizes multiple vertebral levels of the spine percutaneously, thereby offering patients an alternative to traditional, more invasive approaches. The MLR delivers two independently acting rods into one central polyaxial screw. The first rod is reduced down into one of two adjacent polyaxial heads and secured. The second rod is then reduced down the same screw into the remaining adjacent polyaxial head and secured. Each screw is therefore capable of accepting two rods, which allows for multiple levels of fusion. VertiFlex makes minimally invasive and motion preservation technologies for treating disorders of the spine.

• WiFiMed Holdings (Marietta, Georgia) said that its wholly owned subsidiary, CyberMedx Medical Systems, has unveiled the new name for its flagship product: Cyber-Medical Exchange (C_ME). C_ME is an Internet-based wireless medical device data collection system. Data from remote medical devices is collected and made available on a HIPAA approved encrypted Internet portal. Data can be viewed via licensed users and can also auto-populate the company's EncounterPRO Electronic Health Record 5.0, which is CCHIT-certified for Ambulatory Care 2006. C_ME also can act as an interoperable bridge delivering data to enterprise networks. WiFiMed provides physician workflow solutions.