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Aerocrine (Solna, Sweden) reported a filing with the District Court of Dusseldorf of a Complaint and Motion to prevent Medisoft (Gilbert, Arizona) from marketing and selling its exhaled Nitric Oxide (NO) analyzer in Germany. The claim seeks both an injunction and damages.

Medisoft recently began marketing and selling the Hypair exhaled NO analyser in Germany.

Aerocrine claims the Medisoft Hypair Analyser infringes four of Aerocrine's European patents: Nos. 0,606,351; 0,724,623; 1,439,781; and 1,545,305.

"Aerocrine's view is that Medisoft's product Hypair uses Aerocrine's proprietary technology.” said Paul de Potocki, CEO of Aerocrine. "We welcome other companies to join Aerocrine in bringing the benefits of inflammation monitoring to patients and care providers, but we will defend our company's patents resolutely”.