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(Country; Symbol)
Type/Product AreaTerms/Details (Date)

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Inc. (CDNX:APC)Atreus Pharmaceuticals Inc.*Strategic research and development agreement to explore the development of novel protein-in vivo imaging agents using advanced site-directed pep-tide modification techniques developed by APTiAtreus will have the exclusive right to commercialize the jointly developed agents in return for revenue-sharing payments to APT (11/5)
Advanced Viral Research Corp. (ADVR)Cetek Corp.*Agreement under which ADVR acquired certain assets, including rights to two new anticancer compounds, as well as high throughput affinity-based drug screening technology called AFPADVR will receive rights to a microbial culture library for screening potential drug candidates (12/4)
Applied Biosystems (NYSE:ABI)BioTrove Inc.*Licensing and collaboration agreement to commercialize an anlysis platform for high-throughput genotyping applicationsApplied Biosystems will develop and market custom-built arrays of TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays pre-loaded on Bio-Trove's OpenArray platform (11/12)
Asuragen Inc.*Xenomics Inc. (PK:XNOM)Agreement for co-exclusive rights to use NPM1 technology in Asuragen's molecular diagnostic productsAsuragen will have the right to develop, manufacture and market products for the diagnosis, stratification and monitoring of patients with acute myeloid leukemia (10/29)
Aureus Pharma* (France)Neuromed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.* (Canada)Licensing agreement for AurSCOPE Ion Channel Knowledge databaseThe database contains biological activity mined from the scientific literature for all known ion channels and can be used by pharmaceutical researchers to rapidly access prior knowledge related to ion channels for all stages of drug discovery (12/11)
Axentis Pharma AG* (Switzerland)aRigen Pharmaceuticals Inc.* (Japan)Exclusive licensing rights agreement to develop and commercialize ARB-CF0223, a drug delivery system for lung infections in patients with cystic fibrosis, in nations outside Korea and JapanaRigen received shares of Axentis plus an undisclosed sum in cash (12/19)
Beatica AB* (Sweden)Arrow Therapeutics Ltd.* (UK)Drug discovery agreement to direct its characterization technology at selected Arrow compounds against a confidential targetFinancial terms were not disclosed (11/12)
Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB)Neurimmune Therapeutics AG* (Switzerland)Agreement for antibodies against Alzheimer's diseaseThe worldwide deal is worth a potential $380M and focuses on antibodies that bind to amyloid beta; Neurimmune will identify candidates with its Reverse Translational Medicine platform, and Biogen will provide up-front fees and milestone payments; Biogen also will pay royalties (11/20)
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (BMRN)IGAN Biosciences*Agreement to develop an IgA protease for IgA nephropathy, which includes a research and option agreement for IGAN intellectual property covering IgA proteasesWork will begin by testing those proteases in animal models (12/4)
BioNanomatrix LLc*Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A)Collaboration to develop a genetic analysis systemBioNanomatrix will use its nanoscale imaging technology to develop chips and reagents while Agilent will develop the instrumentation platform (11/5)
BioRelix Inc.*Dalton Medicinal Chemistry*Research collaboration to discover new therapeuticsDalton will design and synthesize several classes of compounds against selected RiboSwitch targets, and BioRelix will advance those compounds using its battery of biological assays and knowledge of RiboSwitch drug discovery and development (11/13)
BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:BPA)Medical Aesthetics Technology Corp.*License agreement covering the use of its calcium phosphate nanotechnology as a facial filler in aesthetic medicineMATC is responsible for continued development, including clinical trials, regulatory filings and all manufacturing and marketing of the product (11/19)
BioSeek Inc.*UCB SA (Belgium; BR:UCB)Collaboration to apply its BioMAP Systems to evaluate a number of UCB compounds across several target classesFinancial terms were not disclosed (12/5)
Cary Pharmaceuticals Inc.*IntelGenx Technologies Corp. (OTC BB: IGXT)Agreement to jointly develop and commercialize Cary's antidepressant CPI-300 using IntelGenx's oral delivery technologyIntelGenx will provide funding and development support in exchange for profit-sharing (11/5)
ChemDiv Inc.*Siwa Biotech Corp.*Collaboration to discover small-molecule inhibitors of tyrosylprotein sulfo-transferasesFinancial terms were not disclosed (12/10)
Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)Acambis plc (UK; LSE:ACM)Agreement for research rights for PER.C6Acambis will use Crucell's technology for an undisclosed vaccine candidate (11/20)
Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL) and DSM Pharmaceutical ProductsMedarex Inc. (MEDX)Licensing rights for their PER.C6 cell lineThe agreement allows Medarex to use PER.C6 in its antibody research; financial terms were not disclosed (12/18)
Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)ProFibrix BV* (the Netherlands)Nonexclusive STAR research license agreement covering the production of specific forms of human fibrinogenFinancial terms were not disclosed (12/17)
DSM Biologics (unit of Crucell NV; the Netherlands; CRXL)Recepta Biopharma SA* (Brazil)Agreement for a nonexclusive PER.C6 technology research licensing agreementThe deal allows Recepta to use the technology to develop four antibodies it in-licensed from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (11/4)
EntreMed Inc. (ENMD)UTEK Corp. (UTEK)Technology acquisition alliance that provides Entre-Med with global access to intellectual property to supplement its existing oncology pipelineUTEK assists companies in enhancing their portfolios with IP capital from universities and laboratory research centers (11/13)
Excaliard Pharmaceuticals Inc.*Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ISIS)Agreement for the development of antisense drugs to treat fibrotic diseaseExcaliard paid Isis a $1M cash license fee and an undisclosed amount of equity (11/27)
Exelixis Inc. (EXEL)Taconic Farms Inc.*Agreement for Exelixis to sell to Taconic an 80.1% stake in its subsidiary, Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH, in exchange for about $20MArtemis develops and commercializes genetically engineered mouse models and engineered mouse embryonic stem cells as genetic model systems; Exelixis retains the option to sell its remaining interest to Taconic, which can purchase it during certain times through 2015 (11/20)
Fovea Pharmaceuticals SA* (France) Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)Research collaboration to develop gene-related therapies for diseases of the eye using targets selected by Fovea and gene delivery technologies developed by GenzymeFinancial terms were not disclosed (11/27)
GeneGo Inc.*AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc.*Licensing agreement for MetaCore Data Mining SuiteTerms of the deal were not disclosed (10/23)
GeneGo Inc.*Elan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (unit of Elan Corp. plc; Ireland; NYSE:ELN)Licensing agreement for the data analysis suite MetaCoreElan will use MetaCore in its neurology and autoimmune programs (10/30)
Gene Logic Inc. (GLGC)Ocimum Biosolutions*Agreement for Ocimum to acquire Gene Logic's genomics assetsGene Logic is changing its name to Ore Pharmaceuticals Inc.; the Gene Logic name will transfer with the assets (12/11)
Genizon BioSciences Inc.* (Canada)Neuropsychiatrie, Decouverte & Innovation Inc.* (Canada)Collaboration to enhance and potentially add to discoveries made by Genizon in a genome-wide association study of schizophreniaTerms of the agreement were not disclosed (11/6)
Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)Sunway Biotech Co. Ltd. (China)Collaboration to manufacture, develop and commercialize Genzyme's gene therapy Ad2/HIF-1a in ChinaTerms were not disclosed (10/25)
Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)LG Life Sciences Ltd.* (Korea)Agreement for rights to a caspase inhibitor program for fibrotic diseases, which includes a Phase II-stage compound being tested in patients with hepatitis C virusThe deal includes $20M up front, up to $182M in milestone payments and an undisclosed royalty (11/7)
GTC Biothera-peutics Inc. (GTCB)ProGenetics LLC*Agreement to obtain an exclusive license to develop and commercialize ProGenetics' recombinant human factor IX, recombinant human factor VIII, and recombinant human fibrinogen for North America, Europe and JapanProGenetics received $500,000 from GTC upon signing the agreement and will receive about $500,000 in the second quarter of 2008; GTC also will receive a small equity interest in ProGenetics (12/5)
ImmuneRegen BioSciences Inc.*DelSite Biotechnologies Inc. (subsidiary of Carrington Laboratories Inc.; PK:CARN)Agreement to design and develop novel treatments against pandemic fluThe agreement contemplates that Del-Site's GelSite polysaccharide polymer may help the administration and enhance the activity of Homspera (12/3)
Ipsen SA (France; PARIS:IPN)Celera Group (NYSE:CRA)Research collaboration to develop biomarker and pharmacogenomic tests for growth failureCelera will receive an undisclosed payment for the initial phase of the collaboration, which will focus on discovering biomarkers that eventually would be used to develop companion diagnostics for Ipsen's short stature drugs (11/21)
Medicis (NYSE:MRX)Revance Therapeutics Inc.*Agreement under which Medicis purchased an option to acquire Revance, or to license exclusive North American rights to Revance's topical botu-linum toxin-type A product currently in Phase II testingMedicis will receive preferred stock equivalent to nearly 10% ownership in Revance on a fully diluted basis (12/12)
MediGene AG (Germany; FSE:MDG)Celltrion Inc.* (Germany)Binding memorandum of understanding for co-development and commercialization of an anti-L1 monoclonal antibody for the treatment of cancer in humans covering major cancer indicationsThe companies will share responsibilities for development and commercialization; Celltrion will conduct process development and manufacturing and will have exclusive responsibility for development and commercialization of the L1 MAb in Asia (11/28)
Metabolon Inc.*Cogenics Icoria Inc. (subsidiary of Clinical Data Inc.; CLDA)Agreement under which Metabolon acquired intellectual property from CogenicsThe portfolio includes issued and pending patents related to metabolomics methods and data analysis as well as carcinogenicity and toxicology biomarkers (10/31)
Molecular Discoveries LLC*ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd. (OTC BB:IMUC)Agreement for IMUC to acquire all of the monoclonal antibody technology owned by Molecular DiscoveriesImmunoCellular will issue 800,000 shares of common stock and reimburse MD and one of its principals for patent expenses related to the acquired technology, including a platform called Differential Immunization for Antibody and Antigen Discovery, as well as candidates for the detection and treatment of multiple myeloma, colon, small-cell lung, pancreatic and ovarian cancers (11/27)
MorphoSys AG (Germany; FSE:MOR)Dyax Corp. (DYAX)Agreement granting Morpho-Sys rights to a variety of phage display-related patents and other patentsMorphoSys gains the right to sublicense the patents in conjunction with its proprietary technology (11/20)
NuGEN Technologies Inc.*Cogenics (division of Clinical Data Inc.; CLDA)Agreement under which Cogenics adopted NuGEN's Ovation Systems for RNA amplification and targetpreparation using Affymetrix GeneChip 3 expression arraysCogenics will offer target preparation services using NuGEN's Ovation Whole Blood Solution, the WT-Ovation Pico System and the WT-Ovation FFPE System (11/13)
OncoMethylome Sciences (Belgium; BR:ONCOB)Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)Pharmacogenomic service collaboration to assist Abbott in profiling tumorsOncoMethylome will be testing its DNA methylation biomarkers on Abbott's biological samples (12/17)
OncoVista Inc.*AdnaGen AG* (Germany)Completed acquisition of additional shares of AdnaGen, increasing OncoVista's ownership from 51% to 85%AdnaGen's technology includes a method for detecting circulating tumor cells from blood, which involves immunomagnetic separation of CTCs, followed by detection of tumor-associated markers using RT-PCR-based molecular diagnostic techniques (12/17)
OncoVista Inc.*OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OSIP)Exclusive agreement for worldwide rights to OSI-7904L, an oncology candidateFinancial terms were not disclosed (12/3)
Oxford Genome Sciences Ltd.* (UK)Amgen Inc. (AMGN)Collaboration to discover, develop and commercialize therapeutic antibodies in cancerThe deal is designed to enable Oxford Genome Sciences to further strengthen its antibody pipeline based on the target discovery capabilities of its OGAP database; the companies will jointly discover anti-bodies; it covers up to six oncology programs, of which Amgen will have the right to select three (12/17)
ProBioGen AG* (Germany)Undisclosed U.S. vaccine companyAgreement to license ProBioGen's avian cell line AGE1.CR for use in influenza and other disease areasProBioGen will receive up-front and milestone payments, as well as potential royalties (12/6)
Prometheus Laboratories Inc. (LSE:PEC)Alizyme Therapeutics Ltd. (subsidiary of Alizyme plc; UK; LSE:AZM) Agreement to license exclusive North American development and commercialization rights to Colal-Pred from AlizymeColal-Pred is an anti-inflammatory steroid delivered in the colon for gastrointestinal diseases; Prometheus will make up-front and milestone payments to Alizyme, plus development costs and royalties (11/29)
PsychoGenics Inc.*Cephalon Inc. (CEPH)Drug discovery agreement in which PsychoGenics will screen Cephalon's potential compounds for neuropsychi-atric disordersEach company has the option to advance drug candidates further in exchange for paying milestones and royalties to the other (11/7)
Quest PharmaTech Inc. (Canada; CDNX:QPT)Undisclosed multinational technology development companyAgreement to receive $3M to develop oncology products based on its Sono-Light technology Quest already received $1M, and the balance of $2M will be paid within the next 12 months; the investor receives 35% of all future net revenue from the commercialization of Quest oncology products (12/17)
Regenetech Inc.*Regenevita* (Mexico)Licensing agreement for Regetech's cellXpansion technology in MexicoThe technology expands hematopoietic stem cell populations for use in therapy, banking and clinical trials; it will be used for clinical applications in Mexico (11/5)
RXi Pharmaceuticals Inc.*Invitrogen Corp. (IVGN)Exclusive licensing agreement for second-generation RNA interference technology from InvitrogenThe license covers certain Invitrogen patents relating to enhanced configurations of chemically modified double-stranded RNA, including Invitrogen's Stealth RNAi technology (11/14)
Stallergenes SA (France; PARIS:GENP)Protein eXpert SA* (France)Partnership for developing and pharmaceutically producing mites recombinant allergensTerms of the agreement were not disclosed (12/13)
Xenome Ltd.*Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMLN)Research collaboration focusing on discovery and development of novel peptide therapeutics for metabolic and musculoskeletal diseasesAmylin has made an equity investment in Xenome matched by investments from Queensland BioCapital Funds and Innovis Australia; Amylin will apply its screening technologies to evaluate the therapeutic potential of the peptides from Xenome's bioactive peptide library derived from natural sources (11/27)
Zogenix Inc.*Elan Corp. plc (Ireland; NYSE:ELN)Licensing agreement for exclusive U.S. rights from an affiliate of Elan to develop and commercialize a late-stage, controlled-release opioid for the treatment of painElan will receive an undisclosed up-front payment and future payments upon the achievement of clinical and regulatory milestones; Elan also will receive royalty payments; Zogenix is responsible for clinical development and commercialization in the U.S., and Elan will manufacture the product for Zogenix (11/28)


* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk; ** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

Unless otherwise notes, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

BR = Brussels Stock Exchange; CDNX = Canadian Venture Exchange; CSE - Copenhagen Stock Exchange;

FSE = Frankfurt Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange;

NZSE = New Zealand Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; PK = Pink Sheets;

SSE = Stockholm Stock Exchange; TSX = Toronto Stock Exchange.

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