A Medical Device Daily

ReBuilder Medical Technologies (RMT; Charlestown, Virginia) reported a marketing agreement with Affiliated Services, (Tampa, Florida). The agreement enables Affiliated Services to market ReBuilder's products to the entire market of 155,000 physical therapists across the U.S.

Recently, Affiliated conducted the rollout of the Anodyne infrared therapy unit for Neuropathy to more than 1,500 physical therapy clinics and has instant access to those clinics. "We can reach a larger segment of our market through strategic partnerships like this one with Affiliated Services who have direct access to physical therapists," said David Phillips, CEO of ReBuilder of Medical Technologies. "By entering the offices of therapists, diabetes sufferers will get access to our product directly from their trusted caregivers which will only serve to increase the positive notoriety we have gained over the past five years. Physical therapists gain by purchasing the device and consumable supplies at wholesale and selling them retail."

ReBuilder Medical's flagship product is its FDA registered ReBuilder system for treating peripheral neuropathy. Unlike current therapies for neuropathy (nerve disease) which focus on prescription drugs with powerful side effects, the ReBuilder system is a portable, battery powered medical product that provides a new non-surgical treatment which is non-invasive, has no side effects and can actually strengthen muscles while increasing blood flow.

ReBuilder also manufactures the Phillips Molluscum treatment system for treating the skin disease Molluscum Contagiosum which primarily affects children. This system uses its form of micronized amorphous silver ions to disable the Molluscum pathogen without side effects. The company is currently performing research and development on a number of other products as well.

In other agreement news, Biomoda, (Albuquerque, New Mexico) maker of early lung cancer detection testing and other cancer diagnostic technology, reported an agreement with Quintiles Consulting (Rockville, Maryland), for regulatory consulting and design of clinical studies of Biomoda's test for detection of early lung cancer as part of the company's clinical programs.

"Quintiles has the experience, skills and understanding of the full range of review perspectives that bear on agency evaluations of new medical tests and devices," said John Cousins, president of Biomoda. "They will provide guidance, input and review to structure protocol, data content and collection and other information relative to making sure information is gathered in appropriate formats for future FDA submittals by our company."

Quintiles Consulting is the regulatory consulting unit of Quintiles Transnational Corp, It helps companies navigate regulatory challenges and improve efficiencies from early discovery through commercialization. It provides advice and strategies in the areas of product development, regulatory submissions and compliance, bioresearch monitoring, quality systems, validation, and pricing and reimbursement.

Biomoda's technology is based on the porphyrin application that binds to cancerous or aberrant cells extracted from lung sputum samples. Cancerous cells glow red under fluorescent light to allow detection under a microscope. The technology, a non-invasive cytology based assay, is designed for cancer screening of large populations at a reasonable cost.