Company* (Country; Symbol)University/Nonprofit@Type Of AgreementProduct AreaDetails (Date)

Abraxis BioScience Inc. (ABBI)University of Southern CaliforniaAgreementTo provide Abraxis with exclusive worldwide rights to a portfolio of diagnostic protein biomarkersThe goal is to combine prognostic markers with specific therapeutic agents, which would enable clinicians to tailor therapy to the molecular profile of the patient (6/19)
Abraxis BioScience Inc. (ABBI)California NanoSystems Institute at the University of California at Los AngelesAgreementTo research nanobiotechnologyAbraxis has agreed to contribute $10M over 10 years to fund collaborative projects (7/26)
Abraxis BioScience Inc. (ABBI)Buck Institute for Age ResearchAgreementFor exclusive worldwide intellectual property rights for technologies generating novel therapeutics and identifying new drug discovery targetsFinancial terms were not disclosed; the license includes an anticancer compound (T9) and cell-based assay systems for the discovery of additional immune-modulating drugs (8/6)
Abraxis BioScience Inc. (ABBI)The Scripps Research InstituteExclusive licensing agreementFor worldwide development and commercialization of an epothilone therapeutic for cancerAbraxis has rights to 11 potential drug candidates for preclinical evaluation and selection of a lead candidate for clinical development (8/21)
Acacia Research Corp. (CombiMatrix; CBMX)U.S. Department of DefenseContractTo fund further development of its microarray technologies for a multi-pathogen and chemical-detection systemAcacia's CombiMatrix group was awarded the $2.2M one-year contract (7/30)
Advanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc. (ADLS)National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesCollaborationOn studies to evaluate cethromycin as a treatment for anthrax and other high-priority biodefense agentsThe collaboration is part of the government's effort to accelerate research and development of medical countermeasures prior to acquisition of final products under Project BioShield (8/21)
Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX) The University of Nijmegen (the Netherlands), the University of Tuebingen (Germany) and the NHS Regional Genetics Laboratory (UK)CollaborationTo launch the European Cytogenetic Research InitiativeThe collaborators are using Affymetrix microarray technology to identify the specific causative mutations in mentally retarded children (7/9)
Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaAgreementFor the hospital to use the Affymetrix GenomeWide Human SNP Array 6.0 for a series of whole-genome association studiesResearchers at the Children's Hospital are using the Affymetrix genotyping platform such as cardiovascular, metabolic and central nervous system disorders (7/25)
Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)Children's Research InstituteFive-year allianceTo build processing capacity to analyze up to 25,000 samples using different Affymetrix arraysThe goal is to demonstrate the clinical utility of array-based molecular diagnostics, and to leverage arrays to make improved molecular diagnostics tests (7/17)
Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)Genetic Association Information NetworkAgreementTo use the recently launched Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0It will be used for a series of studies designed to identify the genetic causes of common, complex diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (7/2)
Algeta ASA (Norway; OSLO:ALGETA)Norwegian Radium HospitalResearch agreementTo develop new cancer therapeutics based on target-seeking alpha-emitting moleculesThe partnership is focused on studying the effects of targeted radiotherapy treatment on lymphoma (6/18)
Apogee Technology Inc. (AMEX:ATA)Vaccine and Infectious Disease OrganizationAgreement To support the advancement of Apogee's intradermal technology for delivery of drugs and vaccinesDetails were not disclosed (8/23)
ArborGen LLC*U.S. Department of EnergyContractFor construction of a bioenergy research centerThe $125M contract will seek new ways to produce biofuels (7/3)
ArGentis Pharmaceuticals LLC* University of Tennessee Research FoundationLicensing agreementFor intellectual property surrounding the use of solubilized Type I native bovine collagen as a treatment for systemic sclerosis and other fibrosing diseasesArGentis plans to conduct post-Phase II meetings with the FDA and EMEA in the next few months (8/14)
Bavarian Nordic A/S (Denmark; CSE:BAVA)U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesContractTo manufacture and deliver 20M doses of ImvamuneThe smallpox vaccine would go into the national stockpile; it is a five-year contract worth $500M (6/5)
BioLineRx Ltd.* (Israel)University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Exclusive worldwide licensing agreementTo research, develop and commercialize BL-4030, a small molecule for treating cancerFinancial terms were not disclosed (7/23)
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (BMRN)University of California in San FranciscoLicensing agreementCovering compounds that modulate the cystic fibrosis trans-membrane conductance regulator proteinThe compounds target the misfolding and activation of abnormal CFTR proteins that underlie cystic fibrosis (8/22)
BioServe*Specialized Clinical Center of Research in HoustonAgreementFor Bioserve to provide researchers from various universities in Texas access to certain sample sets from its repository of more than 600,000 human DNA, tissue and serum samples The study is underwritten by a five-year grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (6/18)
Cangene Corp. (Canada; TSX:CNJ)U.S. Centers for Disease Control and PreventionAgreementFor the supply of Vaccinia Immune Globulin IntravenousCangene's contract was extended for five years (8/16)
Cardio3 BioSciences* (Belgium)Mayo ClinicCollaborationRelated to the licensing of Mayo Clinic research, know-how and intellectual property in the field of cardiac commitment of stem cellsThe scope of the license covers heart failure of ischemic and non-ischemic origin (6/7)
Cell Therapeutics Inc. (CTIC)National Institutes of HealthCRADATo focus on human monoclonal antibodies, peptides and small molecules targeting a ligand that activates insulin-like growth factor receptor Type ISystems Medicine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cell Therapeutics, retains an option to all resulting products (8/22)
Cerus Corp. (CERS)French national blood service Etablissement Francais du Sang AgreementFor the Intercept Blood System for plateletsThe two-year deal provides for Intercept equipment and disposable purchases of up to $8M (6/26)
Circassia Ltd.* (UK)University of Birmingham (UK)AgreementFor Circassia to acquire Tolero-Trans, anti-rejection technology for use in organ transplantationThe agreement includes an upfront payment, plus future milestones and royalties on product sales (7/12)
Clinical Data Inc. (CLDA)George Washington UniversityAgreementTo examine the integration of genomic testing in warfarin treatmentThe program will be implemented in an orthopedic practice setting, enrolling 80 patients who have been prescribed the blood thinner warfarin following orthopedic surgery (7/19)
Codexis Inc.*California Institute of TechnologyLicensing agreementFor intellectual property relating to the preparation and identification of drug metabolitesCodexis plans to use the technology to create research and development tools to help drug companies more rapidly profile metabolites linked to toxicity or efficacy (8/29)
Commonwealth Biotechnologies Inc. (CBTE) U.S. government and a private sector client ContractsThree-year government contract is for continued development of analytical methods of biotoxin detection and quantitation; second contract is a one-year deal in biomarker analysis by mass spectrometry for a private-sector clientFirst deal is worth $1.7M, while the second is valued at about $1.1M (6/21)
Eden Biodesign Ltd.* (UK)University of Birmingham (UK)AgreementFor Eden to develop and produce vOX2:Fc, a candidate to treat autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis Funding for the project was provided by the National Biomanufacturing Centre Access Fund administered by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (7/30)
Enigma Diagnostics* (UK)Defence Science and Technology LaboratoryExclusive licensing agreementCovering a range of real time PCR technologies to detect and identify infectious micro organisms in clinical, environmental and biological samplesThis follows a 2004 agreement; the new agreement enables Enigma to sub-license any of the technologies and allows it to develop its own patent portfolio (8/28)
Entelos Inc. (LSE:ENTL)FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and ResearchCRADATwo-year deal for Entelos to work with the FDA to develop a computer model of drug-induced liver injuryThe goal is to use the platform to guide the development of clinical biomarkers and preclinical assays to identify patient types and drug combinations that increase the risk of developing liver injury (8/6)
EntreMed Inc. (ENMD)University of New South Wales and Children's Cancer Institute Australia for Medical ResearchResearch agreementTo map pathways involved in the mechanism of action for its lead compound, 2-methoxyestradiol and analoguesThe primary objectives are to develop models of resistance to 2ME2 to identify proteins that may be potential drug targets and to further the understanding of how 2ME2 exerts its antitumor and anti-angiogenic effects (7/11)
EpiCept Corp. (EPCT)Dalhousie University (Canada)License agreementRelated to EpiCept NP-1, a topical analgesic cream in development for the long-term pain relief in peripheral neuropathiesEpiCept converted a sublicense agreement established with Epitome Pharmaceuticals Ltd. into a direct license with Dalhousie (7/19)
Evogene Ltd. (Israel; TASE:EVGN)French scientific organization CIRADExpanded collaborationThey plan to introduce Evogene's EVO133 gene into cotton and to validate its use for drought toleranceThe EVO133 gene has been tested in three seasons of field trials in processing tomato varieties and demonstrated the potential to increase yield under normal conditions and reduce yield penalty under unfavorable conditions (7/24)
FoldRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.*Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Inc.Five-year collaboration For preclinical development of two candidates from FoldRx's cystic fibrosis program FoldRx retains all commercialization and intellectual property rights, although CFF would receive royalties on any products eventually approved; CFF will provide up to $22M in milestone-based funding (8/13)
GeneGo Inc.* Institute for Systems Biology in SeattleLicensing agreementFor GeneGo's OMICs data analysis suite, MetaCore and 1-2-3 WorkflowISB researchers will have access to GeneGo pathway analysis and systems biology tools (7/24)
GeneGo Inc.*Philips ResearchLicensing agreementFor GeneGo's MetaCore technologyMetaCore, a flexible pathway analysis platform is designed to assist in the areas of target selection and validation, identification of biomarkers for disease states and toxicology (7/31)
Gene Network Sciences*Weill Cornell Medical CollegeCollaborationTo use GNS's REFS (reverse engineering and forward simulation) software platformThe goal is to characterize the synergies between two commonly used classes of cancer drugs, farnesyl transferase inhibitors and taxanes (6/20)
Gene Network Sciences* M2Gen (subsidiary of H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Research collaborationInvolving using Moffitt's clinical expertise with GNS's REFSTM (reverse engineering and forward simulation software platform to develop next-generation cancer diagnostics and therapeuticsGNS will reverse-engineer computer models directly from Moffitt's patient tumor molecular profiling data (6/29)
GeneNews Ltd. (Canada; TSX:GEN)An Asian biomedical consortiumAgreementTo develop blood-based biomarkers for the detection and management of prostate diseasesThe consortium will provide $2M to GeneNews to conduct the work required to identify and validate biomarkers (8/13)
Generex Biotechnology Corp. (GNBT)University of RochesterAgreement To develop a vaccine against avian influenzaThe collaboration involves the peptide vaccine technology of Antigen Express and participation by John Treanor (8/22)
GeneThera Inc. (OTC BB:GTHA)Intramural Research Program, the National Institute on AgingContractTo genetically engineer monoclonal antibodies to make them clinically usableThe antibodies are expected to be used to treat hypertension (6/12)
Genetronics Inc. (subsidiary of Inovio Biomedical Corp.; AMEX:INO)National Cancer Institute and the International AIDS Vaccine InitiativeAgreementsCovering evaluation of Inovio's electroporation technology for the delivery of DNA vaccinesThe collaboration with the NCI will assess novel HIV constructs in non-human primates, cytokine genes as vaccine adjuvants and possibly anticancer therapies; the collaboration with IAVI will focus on optimizing HIV vaccine design (7/24)
Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil)Research collaborationFocused on neglected diseases, initially on Chagas disease The collaboration includes providing Oswaldo Cruz rights to commercial uses within the field of neglected diseases on a royalty-free basis (7/23)
Haptogen Ltd.* (UK)Aberdeen UniversityLicense agreementFor a library of shark antibodies discovered at the universityShark antibodies are the smallest found in the animal kingdom, which may enable them to reach targets not normally accessible (6/27)**
Ichor Medical Systems Inc.* The Defense Threat Reduction AgencyTwo-year contractTo assist the Biological Defense Research Directorate of the Naval Medical Research Center in Rockville, Md.The $2.3M contract is for the development of a DNA vaccine for anthrax and plague (8/6)
Illumina Inc. (ILMN)Institute of Translational Medicine and Therapeutics at the University of Pennsylvania; the Broad Institute; and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's Candidate-gene Association Resource ConsortiumCollaborationTo develop a customized chip for vascular diseaseThe IBC chip will be developed to analyze more than 55,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms in candidate genes selected for cardiovascular and other associated phenotypes (7/23)
Integrated Genomics*Korean Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (South Korea)License agreementFor ERGO bioinformatics softwareKRIBB will use the genome analysis tools for gene annotation, metabolic reconstruction and enzyme data-mining, as well as for comparative genomics purposes (7/11)
Interleukin Genetics Inc. (AMEX:ILI)The Hospital for Joint Diseases of New York University Medical CenterCollaborationTo start a study on the genetics of osteoarthritisThe parties are investigating whether there is an association between candidate gene variations and poly-articular manifestations of osteoarthritis (8/16)
KeyGene NV* (the Netherlands)Shanghai Institutes for Biological SciencesAgreementTo establish a joint lab for plant molecular breedingThe lab will operate within the Institute for Plant Physiology and Ecology of SIBS (7/18)
Kylin Therapeutics Inc.*Purdue Research FoundationExclusive licensing agreementTo commercialize a technology designed to better target RNA interference delivery against disease-causing genesThe license includes more than 12 patent applications covering pRNA; Kylin's lead product is a pRNA-based therapeutic to treat cancer, with follow-on plans for treatments for viral diseases such as AIDS (7/9)
Lipomics Technologies Inc.* University of California at San DiegoAgreementTo focus on identifying mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, obesity and other disorders of insulin resistanceLipomics will retain certain rights to develop diagnostic applications based on resulting data (7/16)
MedImmune Inc. (LSE:MDI; unit of AstraZeneca plc; UK) U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesContractTo retrofit its U.S.-based vaccine manufacturing facilities to produceThe total value of the base FluMist-related contract is about $55.1M (6/14)
Meridian Life Science Inc. (unit of Merdian Bioscience Inc.; VIVO)National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesFive-year contractTo manufacture up to 10 clinical experimental vaccines per year at its biopharmaceutical facility in Memphis, Tenn.The deal is worth up to $12.2M (8/7)
Microchip Biotechnologies Inc. (MCHP)TEC Edmonton (arm of the University of Alberta)Patent license agreementTo commercialize a university invention that can improve the development of lab-on-a-chip devices and biosampling proceduresThe technology allows trapping of beads on-chip, as well as packing and unpacking the trapping zones, which extends the applications of microfluidic analysis systems (8/23)
Mirus Bio Corp.*Department of DefensePhase II contractTo optimize the Dynamic PolyConjugates siRNA delivery platform for lung delivery and to develop a treatment against respiratory infectionsFurther details were not disclosed (8/23)
MitoPharm Corp. (PK:MTPM)Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyExclusive, worldwide licensing agreementFor the use and commercialization of its new process for the extraction of (-) Schisandrin B and Schisandrin BTerms of the agreement were not disclosed (8/6)
Modern Biosciences plc* (UK)University of DundeeAgreementTo develop a new treatment for cancer, rimcazole The university will grant an exclusive worldwide license to develop rimcazole in cancer, and Modern Biosciences will fund and manage the development program; revenues generated through commercialization will be shared by the partners (8/2)
Nanogen Inc. (NGEN)Canadian Food Inspection Agency and others AgreementTo develop diagnostic tools to detect natural or potential bioterror threats to livestock The tools will detect foot and mouth disease and avian flu, using the company's NanoChip platform (6/12)
Nanotherapeutics Inc.*National Cancer InstituteTwo-year CRADATo use technology to produce HIV peptide oral vaccine nanoparticlesTerms of the deal were not disclosed (8/7)
Neopharm Inc. (NEOL)National Institutes of HealthLicense agreementFor the development of cintredekin besudotox, or IL13-PE38QQR, to treat pulmonary fibrosis and asthmaTerms were not disclosed (6/11)
Neugenesis Corp.*Defense Advanced Research Projects AgencyContractTo develop expression technologies that will accelerate recombinant protein production for the rapid manufacturing of vaccines and drugsThe goal of the 3.5-year, three-phase program is development of a commercially viable system that can produce up to 3M doses of vaccine or a monoclonal antibody therapeutic in a 12-week period (7/17)
Neuralstem Inc. (AMEX:CUR)ALS Clinic at University of Michigan Health SystemCollaborationTo provide further proof-of-principle data to move Neuralstem's spinal cord stem cells into patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosisThe company expects its first investigational new drug application will be filed this year, for the treatment of ischemic paraplegia (8/30)
Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX)Yissum Research Development Co. of the Hebrew University of JerusalemExclusive worldwide licensing agreementTo valnoctamide stereoisomersNeurocrine intends to submit an investigational new drug application in the first half of 2008; it has the potential to treat epilepsy, bipolar disease and neuropathic pain (7/31)
Novalar Pharmaceuticals Inc.*Forsyth InstituteExclusive worldwide licensing agreementTo develop and commercialize a product for the prevention of inter-appointment pain and bacterial reduction in endodontic treatmentNovalar will have exclusive rights to the technology and will be responsible for all development and commercialization costs and activities; Forsyth will be entitled to milestone payments and royalties on products sold (7/25)
Oxford BioMedica plc (UK; LSE:OXB) Children's Hospital in BostonLicense agreementTo extend its existing rights for the anti-angiogenesis genes endostatin and angiostatin, in the treatment of cancer using gene therapyThe company will make an up-front payment, milestone payments and royalties (7/11)**
Pacific Biotechnology Ltd.* (New Zealand)Ludwig Institute's Centre for Clinical Sciences (Australia)AgreementTo work to complete the development of a prognostic tool for the segregation of patients with invasive melanomaThe collaboration aims to overcome the difficulty in identifying patients with aggressive disease by developing a gene expression profile that is able to distinguish between patients with good and bad outcomes (6/7)
Pharmacopeia (PCOP)World Health Organization's Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical DiseasesAgreementTo develop novel antimalarial agents Pharmacopeia will receive funding to conduct medicinal chemistry research on compounds identified through WHO/TDR's drug screening program involving a network of centers in developed and developing countries (8/27)
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PPHM)Defense Threat Reduction AgencyContractFor a five-year program to assess the use of bavituximab and other anti-PS antibodies The funding will support preclinical studies to confirm activity against HFV infections, manufacturing, product scale-up and the initiation of clinical trials (7/23)
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PPHM)University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Licensing agreementFor worldwide rights to a novel anti-angiogenesis technology Deal is for development and commercialization rights to all forms of "clipped" (or nicked) beta 2 glycoprotein 1 protein (7/9)
PhytoMedical Technologies Inc. (OTC BB:PYTO)Dartmouth CollegeDevelopmental collaborationIn the area of cancer researchPhytoMedical will improve upon the concept of bis-intercalation and will evaluate the new compounds against several different cancer cell lines, including prostate, lung, brain and bladder cancer (6/5)
Phytopharm plc (UK; LSE:PYM)Beijing Institute, Academy of Military Medical SciencesCollaborationFor the development of drugs and functional foods based on traditioinal Chinese medicine Phytopharm has the rights to develop and commercialize resulting products globally in return for royalty and milestone payments (6/27)*
Pluristem Life Systems Inc. (OTC BB:PLRS)Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapy (Germany)CollaborationTo work on a variety of applications of mesenchymal stem cells derived from the placenta that have been expanded in the company's PluriX 3-D bioreactorThe initial focus will be on neurological indications such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease (7/9)
Protalix Bio-Therapeutics Inc. (Israel; AMEX:PLX)Yissum Research and Development Co. (transfer arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University Licensing agreementFor rights to develop a plant cell-based acetylcholinesterase and its molecular variants for use in several therapeutic and prophylactic indications, including a biodefense programTerms of the deal were not disclosed (8/8)
QRxPharma*University of AlabamaCollaborative research and licensing agreementDirected at re-engineering existing drug therapies for new clinical applications including the treatment of dystonia, Parkinson's disease and other neurological disordersThe technology relates to a particular gene shown to suppress the harmful misfolding of proteins within cells (8/1)
Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc.* Center for Hearing & Deafness at the State University of New York at BuffaloExpanded relationshipFocused on analyzing the effect of AHLi-11 and other molecules in preventing chemotherapy-induced hearing lossThe collaboration was begun in 2005 (8/20)
Response Genetics Inc. (RGDX) University of California in San FranciscoAgreementTo conduct a two-year study of patient outcomes and genetic information with the goal of developing a diagnostic test for pancreatic cancerUCSF will provide tissue samples while Response Genetics will assume the administrative costs of the study (8/7)
Rosetta Genomics (Israel; ROSG)Ben Gurion UniversityCollaborationFor development of microRNA-based therapeutic applications for several key viruses, including the Epstein-Barr virus and herpes simplex virusesA combined research team have identified several virus-specific microRNAs that, when inhibited, lead to a decrease in virus replication in vitro (8/2)
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:LIV)Georgetown UniversityExclusive license agreementFor patent rights to benzamide compounds for treating HIV and other infectious diseasesSamaritan has worldwide rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize benzamide compounds in exchange for royalty payments; the license covers SP-1OTI (7/24)
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:LIV)Research Institute of McGill University Health CenterResearch collaboration and licensing agreementTo advance its pipeline into clinical trial status and develop new drug candidatesThe center will continue to develop the drug pipeline and will take new candidates through the discovery process (7/25)
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:LIV)Georgetown UniversityLicensing agreementFor a patent application titled "Structure Based Drug Design of Steroid Inhibitors"University scientists developed a method to virtually screen databases consisting of 15M small molecules, without any biological input (8/16)
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:LIV)Georgetown UniversityExclusive licensing agreementFor a patent covering the peripheral benzodiazepine receptor and an imaging agent for cancerous tumorsTerms were not disclosed (8/21)
SRI International*National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesContractTo research, develop and manufacture dosage formulations for new and existing anti-HIV or AIDS-related anti-infectives and microbicidesThe contract is worth $4.6M (8/16)
Tikvah Therapeutics Inc.* Academia Sinica (Taiwan)Exclusive agreementFor rights to patent and patent applications encompassing the diagnosis, methods of use and treatments of a variety of neurode-generative disordersAcademia Sinica is entitled to a licensing fee along with potential milestone and royalty payments (7/24)
Tikvah Therapeutics Inc.*Families of Spinal Muscular AtrophyCollaboration To advance development of the Phase II drug TIK-201TIK-201 is a formulation of sodium phenylbutyrate for SMA (8/29)
Qiagen NV (the Netherlands; QGEN)Joint Center for Structural GenomicsAgreementTo provide protein crystallographers with a new set of crystallization screens that have been assembled from analysis of hundreds of thousands of crystallization experimentsFinancial terms were not disclosed (7/20)
Quantum Genomics Corp.*Inserm, the French national institute for health and medical research; CNRS, France's national center for scientific research; and University Paris DescartesPartnershipTo co-develop drugs for hypertension and related cardiovascular diseasesQGC acquires rights to use three patents and associated know-how; CNRS will work on the physiopathology, chemistry and the understanding of the compound's mechanism of action, while QGC will handle preclinical and clinical development (6/28)
Resverlogix Corp. (Canada; TSX:RVX)Larry Sparks of the Sun Health Research InstituteCollaborative research agreementTo study Resverlogix's ApoA-O therapy for Alzheimer's diseaseSparks discovered the neuropathologic link between cholesterol and Alzheimer's disease (6/19)
Rosetta Genomics Ltd. (Israel; ROSG) Rockefeller UniversityLicense agreementFor the therapeutic application of microRNA genesTerms of the deal were not disclosed (6/13)
SensiGen LLC*University of MichiganLicense agreementFor exclusive rights to a set of epigenetic biomarkers for early detection and monitoring of lupusThe technology includes a panel of biomarkers for epigenetic variations of genes associated with lupus, along with related research assays; SensiGen intends to develop commercial diagnostic assays using its AttoSense technology (7/11)
Stem Cell Innovations Inc. (OTC BB:SCLL)The High Q FoundationResearch and development allianceTo apply SCI's PluriCells to develop Huntington's disease-specific human cell systems for use in drug discoverySCI will receive up to $1.1M from High Q upon completion of certain milestones, and also holds the right to further develop and commercialize the project's outcome (6/25)
Stem Cell Sciences plc (UK; LSE:STEM)RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology (Japan)Licensing agreementFor rights to a technology that will accelerate the application of human embryonic stem cells in both research and cell-based therapies SCS has exclusive, worldwide rights to the discovery, except in Japan, where it holds non-exclusive rights (6/19)
StemCell Technologies Inc.* (Canada)Wisconsin Alumni Research FoundationWorldwide license agreementTo develop and commercialize novel growth media and validated tissue and BD culture surfaces Together, they will allow for a cell culture environment for human embryonic stem cells (6/14)
Syngenta AG (Switzerland; NYSE:SYT)Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (China)Five-year research dealFocused on agronomic traits, including drought tolerance for key crops, including soybean, wheat, sugar beet and sugar caneSyngenta has rights to commercialize previously and newly developed traits in the agreed range of field crops (6/25)
TapImmune Inc. (Canada; OTC BB: TPIM) University of British ColumbiaAgreementFor the acquisition of the Transporter Associated with Antigen Processing technology platform and patentsThe financial terms have already been met under an agreement between GeneMax, the former name of TapImmune, and the university (6/28)
Tecan Switzerland AG (Switzerland; SWX:TECN)Monash Antibody Technologies Facility at Monash University (Australia)PartnershipTo create a monoclonal antibody production system, which will be based around multiple integrated liquid handling workstations and will fully automateThe system will be partially funded by the Victorian State Government and Monash University, National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and the Australian Stem Cell Centre (7/2)
ThermoGenesis Corp. (KOOL) Stem Cell Program at the University of CaliforniaCollaborative research agreementTo develop stem cell therapies based upon AutoXpress, BioArchive and CryoSeal Fibrin Sealant blood processing systemsThe focus will be on stem cell treatments for peripheral artery disease, myocardial infarction and dermal wounds (6/19)
Unigene Laboratories Inc. (OTC BB:UGNE)Queen Mary, University of LondonCommercial agreementFor exclusive rights to a combination therapy targeting arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease and a novel peptide for cardiac reperfusion injury in heart attacks and strokeUnigene will gain rights to those inventions and to future developments in exchange for research funding of about $400,000 per year over the next three years, as well as milestone payments and royalties (8/10)
Vivalis (France; PARIS:VLS) North Carolina State UniversityLicensing agreementFor intellectual property and technology for producing undifferentiated avian cell cultures using avian primordial germ cellsThe deal is Vivalis' third with the university (8/22)
Xcellerex Inc.*Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Phase I contractFor the Accelerated Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals programThe program is focused on technologies for producing emergency therapeutics and vaccines, rapidly and cost effectively, in order to respond to a wide range of biological threats for military personnel (7/17)

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