A Medical Device Daily

Cohera Medical (Pittsburgh), a company developing a suite of biodegradable surgical adhesives, said yesterday that it has been awarded a U.S. patent on its surgical adhesive.

The technology, developed at the University of Pittsburgh by Eric Beckman, MD, and Michael Buckley, MD, provides a platform for strong, resorbable adhesives for use inside the body, Cohera said.

Cohera's first product, TissuGlu, is currently in pre-clinical testing and is designed to adhere tissues to prevent fluid accumulation in deep wounds. Cohera said it also won a Phase 1 SBIR Award for the design and development of a bioresorbable bone adhesive for orthopedic use. This award, for $130,000, is the company's second SBIR award this year.

According to the company, TissuGlu is an easy-to-use, strong and resorbable polymer adhesive aimed at fulfilling the market demand for a strong, safe tissue adhesive that will improve the wound closure process by positioning tissues for optimal healing while minimizing fluid accumulation.

Beckman, chief scientific officer and co-founder of Cohera, will serve as principal investigator.

"The grant of Cohera's first patent reinforces the novelty of our core technology platform, and adds significant value to the company. The SBIR award further reinforces the breadth and potential for a variety of products that meet surgeons' needs across many specialties," said Patrick Daly, president/CEO of Cohera Medical.

Cohera also reported that Kay Fuller will join the company from Ann Arbor, Michigan, as the director of clinical and regulatory affairs effective immediately.