A Medical Device Daily

TheraDoc (Salt Lake City), a clinical informatics company that develops and implements real-time electronic surveillance and expert clinical decision support systems, reported that the standards-based core technology for the TheraDoc product line, the Expert System Platform (ESP), is now patented.

On May 1, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued U.S. patent 7213009 for "Systems and methods for manipulating medical data via a decision support system," and on June 12 the USPTO awarded TheraDoc a second patent, U.S. patent 7230529, for "System, method, and computer program for interfacing an expert system to a clinical information system." TheraDoc originally filed for these patents Sept. 9, 2003, and Feb. 5, 2004.

"The issuance of these patents strengthens and solidifies TheraDoc's position as a leader in providing credible, standards-based solutions and market-leading product vision and execution," said Stan Pestotnik, TheraDoc president/CEO. "We will continue working to improve the quality and safety of patient care while lowering associated costs through our nonnegotiable adherence to healthcare industry standards."

"TheraDoc is actively working to formalize relationships with recognized, forward-thinking systems vendors, as well as help our clients fully leverage benefit and ROI on their IT infrastructure and clinical information systems. These patents will enhance and expand our HIT industry partnerships and create additional value for our shareholders," notes Pestotnik.

The ESP technology combines the volume of evidence-based medical knowledge with current and historical patient data delivered via standard real-time electronic interfaces. The ESP installed in the hospital's data center then analyzes these data to provide critical information support for clinicians—in real time. It provides instant access to patient information collected from the myriad of hospital IT systems and places it, along with alerts, notifications, clinical workflow tools and evidence-based guidelines and treatment recommendations, at a clinician's fingertips.

TheraDoc's real-time surveillance, identification, guidance and reporting technologies help hospitals to prevent and control infections; support pharmacist workflow and communication for clinical activities and documentation; alert clinicians to adverse events and changes in patient condition; select evidence-based treatments and meet state-mandated reporting of hospital-acquired infections.

Founded in 1999, TheraDoc designs, develops, and supports a suite of clinical decision support technologies, all of which utilize an inference engine that enables its real-time capabilities.