As manufacturer of the only FDA-cleared MRI system specifically designed for breast imaging, Aurora Imaging Technology (North Andover, Massachusetts) has taken the lead on supporting breast radiologists and advancing the role of dedicated breast MRI by forming the Aurora Breast MRI Society — a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to diagnosing breast cancer earlier and evaluating breast disease, utilizing the most advanced breast imaging modality available.

The mission of the society is to further spur and expand the clinical role of breast MRI, as well as educate the medical profession, public and healthcare industry about the vital role of breast MRI in earlier detection and more effective evaluation of breast disease.

UnitedHealthcare develops heart initiative

UnitedHealthcare (Minneapolis), a UnitedHealth Group company, along with the American College of Cardiology and the Heart Rhythm Society, announced an initiative that will improve patient care by expanding the collection and use of clinical outcomes data for heart rhythm devices by cardiac care facilities, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists and other health care professionals.

Hospitals seeking designation as a UnitedHealth Premium cardiac specialty center under the 2007 UnitedHealth Premium designation guidelines will submit performance data and information on heart rhythm devices to the Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Registry, a national database developed through collaboration between the American College of Cardiology Foundation and Heart Rhythm Society.

The ICD Registry measures usage and reports in-hospital outcomes for heart rhythm devices by tracking patient data such as device performance, stability and reliability. The data will provide important information to support enhanced decision making regarding patient candidacy for implantable defibrillators.

Very briefly ...

MDigirad (Poway, California), a provider of cardiovascular imaging services and solid-state nuclear medicine imaging products, said it has selected Allen & Caron (New York/London) as its agency for investor relations and corporate communications. Digirad is addressing the rising demand for imaging services and products by independent physicians, larger multi-specialty practices, hospitals and clinics... . Pediatric Prosthetics (Houston), a provider of specialized pediatric prosthetics for upper and lower limbs, said that it has commenced trading on the OTC Bulletin Board. The company's trading symbol remains PDPR.

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