A Diagnostics & Imaging Week

Swissray (Elizabeth, New Jersey), a manufacturer in the direct digital radiographic systems industry, reported that it has signed a five-year agreement with the imaging division of orthopedic products maker Stryker (Kalamazoo, Michigan).

Stryker will sell the Swissray DR systems into the U.S. orthopedic private practice market under the Stryker brand name HDDR. Swissray will use their U.S. service and support organization for the installation, application training and maintenance of the Stryker high definition digital radiography (HDDR) systems. Swissray was chosen by Stryker Imaging as its DR partner because of the high quality and performance of its technology as well as the special orthopedic functionalities such as automated positioning, autostitching, off center imaging, true size imaging, scoliosis imaging, long leg imaging and weight bearing studies, Swissray said. Stryker Imaging will sell all 10 different Swissray DR models.

Stryker products include implants used in joint replacement, trauma, craniomaxillofacial and spinal surgeries; biologics; surgical, neurologic, ear, nose & throat and interventional pain equipment; endoscopic, surgical navigation, communications and digital imaging systems; as well as patient handling and emergency medical equipment. Stryker also provides outpatient physical therapy services in the U.S.

Swissray provides a full range of DR systems for orthopedic applications, imaging centers, hospitals and emergency departments. All of Swissray’s DR systems include its fully automated, remote controlled, automated positioning system.