A Medical Device Daily

evYsio Medical Devices (Vancouver, British Columbia) reported that a French court has ruled in its favor in a patent infringement lawsuit it filed against affiliates of Abbott Laboratories (Abbott Park, Illinois)

It said that the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris ruled that Abbott’s Xience V drug-eluting coronary stent infringes evYsio’s European Patent No. EP-B- 0 888 093, and it has awarded evYsio the right to enjoin the importation, offering for sale, or sale of the Xience V stent in France.

This injunction is now in effect.

Abbott may appeal the decision.

evYsio said that it and/or Medtronic (Minneapolis) have commenced infringement lawsuits in other countries alleging that Abbott’s MULTI-LINK Vision and/or Xience V coronary stents infringe patents under exclusive worldwide license to Medtronic from evYsio, including in the U.S., Ireland, the UK and Germany.

evYsio Medical Devices is a developer of vascular medical products such as lesion-specific stents and special medical devices for use in the fields of interventional cardiology, radiology and endovascular medicine.

In other legalities:

• Global Med Technologies (Denver) reported that the California Court of Appeals has filed an opinion regarding the lawsuit against Donnie L. Jackson (Global Med Technologies, Inc. et al. v. Jackson).

In the opinion, the previous summary judgment and award of attorney fees and costs to Jackson are reversed, and the matter is remanded to trial court.

Global Med said that unless Jackson persuades the same appellate panel to rehear the case or persuades the California Supreme Court to review it, the case will be remanded for trial as directed in the opinion.

Global Med Technologies said it believes that the Appellate Court’s opinion may result in the return of the $1.004 million deposit the Company made on Sept. 1, 2005, with the Superior Court in the State of California.

It said it is “eager to proceed to trial and present the facts.”

Global Med Technologies is an e-Health medical information technology company providing information management software products and services to the healthcare industry. Its Wyndgate Technologies (Denver) division is a supplier of information management systems to U.S. and international blood centers and hospital transfusion centers. Together, the SafeTrace Tx* transfusion management system and the SafeTrace donor management system provide Vein-to-Vein tracking from donor collection to patient transfusion.

• OSI Systems (Hawthorne, California), a provider of specialized electronic products for critical applications in the security and healthcare industries, reported that its security division, Rapiscan Systems (also Hawthorne), has entered into an agreement settling its litigation with Science Applications International (SAIC; San Diego).

The litigation stemmed from SAIC’s allegations that Rapiscan System’s Gamma-ray based cargo inspection systems infringed upon SAIC’s ‘025 patent. Rapiscan’s position has argued that SAIC’s infringement allegations were “meritless” and “wrongfully made for improper purposes.”

SAIC agreed that, going forward, it will never allege that Rapiscan’s current and future cargo inspection products infringe SAIC’s ‘025 patent. Each party agreed not to allege that each others’ current and future Gamma-ray based inspection systems infringe on any existing or pending patents.