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Prime Synthesis (Aston, Pennsylvania), a developer of DNA synthesis support products for life science research, reported the launch of 3-Prime, a new production and distribution division, established to serve oligonucleotide researchers in the R&D synthesis markets via nucleic acid synthesis.

3-Prime said it will support DNA and RNA synthesis with products that include controlled porosity glass and Polystyrene in standard and customized chemical formats, synthesis columns, column parts and molecular sieves.

“This new division will deliver the same quality and process control features demanded by our therapeutic customers, into the research market,” said David Eyler, CEO of Prime Synthesis. “3-Prime is taking those key attributes, tailoring them and bringing them to custom oligo houses, core labs and diagnostic companies.”

Marc Rothstein, president of 3-Prime, said the unit would focus on serving “the smaller-scale synthesis community. At the same time, we're actually enabling Prime Synthesis to continue to thrive through a concentration on its therapeutic oligo customers.”

3-Prime has established a web site, www.3prime.com, for product and service purchases.

Prime supplies DNA synthesis materials to research labs, focusing on products to improve both oligo research and production.

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