A Diagnostics & Imaging Week

Sanesco International (Asheville, North Carolina), a new medical company that it says offers a new approach to practitioners of integrative medicine, reported two strategic alliances that significantly strengthen its marketing and R&D capabilities.

Sanesco has entered into a long-term collaborative partnership with LDN Germany, a reference and research laboratory. Under the guidance of LDN President Bernard Manz, PhD, LDN developed the first urinary spot test for neurotransmitters six years ago.

Manz has published more than 100 scientific papers related to his fields of interest and is considered an expert in neurotransmitter testing. He introduced the testing protocol to the U.S. in 2001 after acquiring FDA approval for the reagents and methodology used in the LDN test kits.

The alliance provides Sanesco with these same test processes and assures total accuracy in the tests provided to practitioners. Furthermore, the agreement represents the commitment of both companies to undertake joint R&D efforts designed to expand the knowledge base and broaden the clinical application of existing neurotransmitter and hormone markers, which will ultimately lead to the development of new testing technologies.

"We are very pleased to report this alliance with LDN, the acknowledged world leader in the field of neurotransmitter testing," said Hector Romero, Sanesco president and CEO. "Our goal is to furnish licensed practitioners with a comprehensive clinical approach to restore balance to the body's communication system. By producing the best neurotransmitter and hormone tests available, we can provide practitioners with the targeted nutritional therapy needed to optimize clinical outcomes and enhance their patients' quality of life."

In addition, Sanesco has signed a licensing agreement with Capilab Brazil. The arrangement will transfer laboratory technology, manufacturing methodology and raw materials to Brazil, where Sanesco's testing will be conducted and its products will be manufactured to reach a tri-country marketing region including Brazil, Chile and Argentina.