TheQuadraMed International(Sydney, Australia) division ofQuadraMed(Reston, Virginia) reported completing implementation of a newborn screening lab information application for use with the company’s Affinity Laboratory system atGreat Ormond Street Hospital(GOSH; London).

The company said the new software features “highly specialized functionality” enabling the hospital’s Newborn Screening Service to ensure the early detection and subsequent treatment of a number of newborn metabolic diseases to prevent potentially severe mental and/or physical disabilities.

QuadraMed said it developed, installed, configured and fully implemented the first stage of the product in just 10 weeks, with stage two enhancements to be provided over the next few months.

Newborn screening encompasses critical procedures conducted by selected centers in the UK. QuadraMed said the staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital faced the sunset of its existing screening lab software and the increasing complexity of screening. Based on its existing relationship with QuadraMed and the Affinity Laboratory system, the hospital selected the company to meet its need for rapid deployment of advanced screening software.

Affinity Laboratory is a laboratory information system focused on providing “consistent, accurate and timely data on a cost-effective basis,” according to QuadraMed.

Dean Souleles, the company’s chief technology officer, said, “our international division responded by working to help GOSH to assure [that] its clinicians will have the data they need when they need it to provide effective treatment.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital offers the widest range of pediatric specialties in the UK, and treats children worldwide as a tertiary referral center. It said it traces its history to 1852, when it became the first children’s facility in the English-speaking world.

QuadraMed International’s UK offices are in Winchester, Hampshire.