New name for Stinger Industries

Stinger Industries (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) reported that it has changed its name to Stinger Medical. Stinger said it is "best known" as the provider of the Levitator mobile workstation.

CEO and company founder Gary Coonan said the name Stinger Medical better reflects the company's focus on providing mobile solutions and a "new dedication to providing medical technologies to the healthcare industry."

Stinger said its transition to healthcare offerings began last fall with the acquisition of Integriti Systems (Seattle), maker of the integriti automated vital signs solution. Stinger said that, in addition to the integriti solution, it will introduce two new mobile workstation lines, a new power system, improved warranty, installation and on-site care services, backed by an expanded sales force.

Diabetes to hit one in three, JAMA projects

Diabetic Treatment Centers of America (Salt Lake City) said that the Journal of the American Medical Association projects that if the rate of diabetes continues to increase, one in three Americans born in 2000 will be diagnosed with diabetes by 2050.

The study, which included information from more than 300,000 respondents, indicated that some 32% of males and about 38% of females born in 2000 would be diagnosed with diabetes. These individuals diagnosed with diabetes will have large reductions in life expectancy.

"The demand for effective treatment of diabetes will continue to grow as dramatically as the disease itself. Pulse Insulin Therapy slows, stops and sometimes reverses the medical complications brought on by diabetes and will provide the diabetic a pathway to a more normal lifestyle," said Arden Oliphant, CEO of Diabetic Treatment Centers of America.