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Azienda Unita Sanitaria Locale di Ravenna, Oncologia Medica* (Italy)

Agreement to purchase and use Aastrom's bone marrow stem cell therapy product for an experimental clinical approach to treat breast cancer

AUSL will use the AastromReplicell System to generate bone marrow stem cells in the adjuvant treatment of high-risk breast cancer patients; the study is funded by the Italian government (5/22)

Abgenix Inc.

Corvas International Inc. (CVAS)

Agreement in which Abgenix will use its transgenic mouse and screening technologies for discovery and development of fully human monoclonal antibodies against a pair of selected antigens from Corvas' lineup of membrane-bound serine proteases

The companies are investigating serine proteases associated with the growth and progression of solid tumors; if they elect to work together on certain products, costs and profits will be shared equally (5/14)

Abgenix Inc.

Biosciences Inc.*

Option and license agreement to discover and develop a fully human monoclonal antibody therapy against an undisclosed antigen to treat autoimmune disease

Abgenix will use its XenoMouse technology to generate fully human antibodies against the new antigen, supplied by Diabetogen; Abgenix will receive an up-front research license fee, and could receive additional license and milestone payments and royalties; Diabetogen is responsible for product development, manufacturing and commercialization (4/15)

Abgenix Inc.

ILEX Oncology

Research collaboration to develop a fully human monoclonal antibody therapy against the antigen MUC1 to treat cancer

Abgenix will use its XenoMouse and XenoMax technologies to generate fully human antibodies against the MUC1 antigen supplied by ILEX; Abgenix will receive an up-front research license fee, and could receive additional license and milestone payments and royalties (5/8)

Accelrys Inc. (subsidiary of Pharmacopeia Inc.; PCOP)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

Agreement for Accelrys to provide its GeneAtlas and functional annotations for 10,000 protein sequences based on Incyte's collection of rarely expressed human genes

The annotation results will be delivered to Incyte in AtlasStore (4/25)

ACE BioSciences A/S* (Denmark)

Genmab A/S (Denmark; CSE:

Collaboration to develop antibody products to treat infectious disease

ACE will provide disease targets and Genmab will use its fully human antibody technology to create and develop products; the alliance covers four targets in the infectious disease area; the companies will collaborate on the research, development and commercialization of the products and will equally share development costs and revenues (5/13)


ISTA Pharma-

Agreement in which ISTA will acquire certain rights to three late-stage ophthalmology compounds from AcSentient

ISTA will pay $290,000 in cash and issue 100,000 shares of its common stock; ISTA also agreed to issue up to an additional 200,000 shares of stock over time upon the achievement of certain milestones; ISTA gains rights to bromfenac, a new formulation of timolol and Caprogel (5/6)

Active Biotech
(Sweden; ACTIB)

Avidex Ltd.* (UK)

Exclusive agreement covering Active's small-molecule CD80 antagonists

Avidex gains exclusive rights to evaluate further the CD80 antagonists and to develop and market products incorporating them or their derivatives; Active Biotech will receive an up-front payment and milestone payments of up to about $8.3M, as well as royalties on future sales (4/4)

Active Pass Pharmaceuticals Inc.* (Canada)

NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Two-year collaboration to discover and develop drugs to target proteins called ABC transporters, which are implicated in age-related macular degeneration, lipid disorders, Type II diabetes and Alzheimer's disease

Active Pass will supply ABC transporter targets, and NeoGenesis will apply its Automated Ligand Identification System to discover lead molecules; the companies will develop candidates for clinical development, and they will share ownership of resulting compounds (4/18)

Advanced Cell Technology Inc.*

Immerge BioTherapeutics Inc. (joint venture between Novartis AG, Switzerland; and BioTransplant Inc., BTRN)

Licensing agreement for an animal cloning technology

The worldwide nonexclusive license covers Immerge's work in the development of genetically modified pigs for potential use in xenotransplantation (4/16)

Advanced Cell Technology Inc.*

PPL Therapeutics
plc (UK; LSE:PTH)

Worldwide nonexclusive license covering PPL's use of somatic cell nuclear transfer technology

The technology will be used to develop genetically modified pigs for potential use in xenotransplantation (4/16)

Alchemia Pty. Ltd.* (Australia)

CelTor Biosystems*

Collaboration to identify new compounds active against a variety of G protein-coupled receptor targets

The collaboration will combine Alchemia's Versatile Assembly on Sugar Templates chemistry platform with CelTor's CelBase Disease model technology to develop new drug candidates (4/15)

Alchemia Pty Ltd.* (Australia)

Euroscreen SA* (Belgium)

Collaboration to identify new compounds for a variety of G protein-coupled receptor research targets

The collaboration will combine Alchemia's Versatile Assembly on Sugar Templates chemistry platform with Euroscreen's AequoScreen cell-based assay technology to develop new drug candidates (3/28)

AltaRex Corp. (Canada; OTC BB: ALXF; TSE:AXO)

United Therapeutics Corp. (UTHR)

Licensing agreement giving a United Therapeutics subsidiary exclusive rights for the development and commercialization of five monoclonal antibodies, including OvaRex, worldwide, except in the European Union and certain countries where AltaRex has previous agreements

United Therapeutics will pay for clinical trials, manufacturing and related development expenses; AltaRex stands to receive development-based milestone payments and royalties on marketed products; United Therapeutics bought 4.9M shares of AltaRex stock for about $2.5M; AltaRex issued a $50,000 convertible debenture to United Therapeutics, as well as a warrant for 3.25M shares for about $1.6M; AltaRex also granted United the right to purchase a debenture worth $875,000; AltaRex will receive $5M for each approved indication for each of the five products: OvaRex, BrevaRex, ProstaRex, GivaRex and AR54 (4/22)

Altura LLC*


Agreement to expand DNAPrint's research and product development efforts to address a number of undisclosed prescription drugs

Altura will provide DNAPrint with clinically phenotyped samples for an undisclosed class of drugs, and DNAPrint will use the samples for population genomics research aimed at developing chemopredictive tests for an individualization of therapy (5/7)

Amarin Corp. plc (UK; AMRN)

Eiffel Research and Development Pty. Ltd. (subsidiary of Eiffel Technologies Ltd.; Australia; ASX: EIF)

Partnership to develop extended-release drugs by combining Amarin's technologies with Eiffel's supercritical fluid engineering technologies

Further details were not disclosed (5/16)

Applied Biosystems
(unit of Applera Corp.; NYSE:ABI)

HTS Biosystems Inc.*

Licensing and supply agreement to develop and commercialize a functional proteomics system based on HTS Biosystems' high-through- put affinity screening technology

The parties will further develop and commercialize HTS Biosystems' Flex Chip System; financial terms were not disclosed (4/30)

Applied Molecular Evolution Inc. (AMEV)

Centocor Inc. (subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson)

Agreement to optimize the function of a Centocor antibody

Applied Molecular will use its AMEsystem technology to optimize the function of an undisclosed Centocor antibody; Centocor will have all responsibilities for future development and commercialization; Applied Molecular receives an up-front payment through the deal, and potential milestones and royalties on sales of any resulting products (5/8)

Aptus Genomics Inc.*

Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY)

Agreement to create small- molecule therapeutics against select G protein- coupled receptor targets

Aptus will use its AptuScreen technology to screen Array's Lead Generation Libraries on a nonexclusive basis; Array will receive research funding and be en- titled to milestone and royalty payments (4/7)

Ardais Corp.* (CRGN)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX), Aventis SA (France) and CuraGen Corp. Tools

Licensing agreement for Ardais' BIGR library and Suite of Bioinformatic

Abgenix, Aventis and CuraGen, as well as other unnamed companies, gained access to the library and tools (4/8)

Argenta Discovery Ltd.* (UK)

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Collaboration to provide biochemical screening to support Millennium's drug discovery programs

Argenta will perform in vitro absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion studies to support Millennium's drug discovery activities in Europe (4/22)

Argenta Discovery Ltd.* (UK)

Pharmagene plc

Collaborations to optimize Pharmagene's R1 and R4 therapeutic programs through integrated medicinal chemistry, biochemical screening and early ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) studies

The R4 migraine collaboration is designed to develop a series of fully optimized candidate drugs; in the R1 irritable bowel syndrome collaboration, Argenta will optimize a series of compounds already identified by Pharmagene (5/22)

Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY)

Callisto Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Agreement for the development of a new class of antibiotics

Callisto will provide a cellular-based assay to Array for screening against Array's lead-generation library to identify compounds that will kill or weaken bacteria and eliminate them from the body; the companies will jointly own and fund the project (4/22)

Astex Technology Ltd. (UK; LSE:ASTE)

Maybridge plc*

Collaboration combining Astex's approach to structure- based screening with Maybridge's collection of proprietary chemistries

They will work to construct an in silico library from Maybridge's heterocyclic chemistry; Astex will use the library as part of its in silico and experimental X-ray crystallographic structural screening against targets in its portfolio (5/7)

Autogen Ltd.* (Australia)

Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)

Agreement to use Autogen's eXpress technology platform to validate and characterize Sequenom proprietary genetic targets

Terms were not disclosed (4/15)

Bavarian Nordic
(Denmark; CSE:BAVA)

PowderJect Technologies Ltd. (UK; LSE:PJP)

Vaccine delivery collaboration

The contract covers the delivery of undisclosed vaccines based on Bavarian's vaccine technology; Bavarian will receive an undisclosed up-front payment, as well as predetermined consecutive payments; PowderJect also will buy 200,000 new shares of Bavarian, providing Bavarian with gross proceeds of US$2.1M (4/12)


Prolinx Inc.*

Co-development agreement for optimized software solutions for the analysis of protein microarrays

Financial terms were not disclosed (4/15)

Biogen Inc.

Celltech Group plc (UK; NYSE:CLL; LSE:CCH)

Agreement to develop and market Celltech's humanized anti-TNF-alpha antibody product, CDP 571, currently in Phase III trials for Crohn's disease

The companies will share in research and development costs, as well as profits; Biogen will manufacture the product (4/24)

BioProcessors Corp.*

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALXN)

Collaboration to use Bio- Processors' microfermentor platform to develop microbial biopharmaceutical processes

A prototype of the platform is expected to be fully developed in nine to 12 months (5/6)

Biopsytec Holding AG* (Germany)

Epigenomics AG* (Germany)

Cross-licensing agreement under which Epigenomics gains exclusive rights to use in pharmaceutical research and diagnostics the Biopsytec Identification of Linkage Disequilibrium technology

In return, Biopsytec gains the exclusive rights to use Epigenomics' DNA-methylation (epigenetic) technologies in agricultural research (4/25)


BioClonetics Inc.*

Agreement to acquire a new human HIV antibody technology from BioClonetics

BTG acquired Clone 3, which has been demonstrated in vitro to neutralize several primary strains of HIV; financial terms were not disclosed (5/8)


Kudos Pharmaceuticals Ltd.* (UK)

Worldwide license agreement to develop, manufacture and market AQ4N, a hypoxic cell cytotoxin for use as a cancer therapy

Financial terms were not disclosed (5/13)

Cambridge Antibody Technology plc (UK; CATG; LSE:CAT)

Human Genome Sciences Inc.

Agreement in which HGS exercised an option to enter an exclusive development partnership on a human monoclonal anti- body to Trail Receptor-2

Trail-R2 MAb is an agonistic antibody de- signed to specifically recognize the Trail Receptor-2 protein, found on the surface of a number of solid and hematopoietic tumors; further details were not disclosed (5/20)

Celltech Group plc (UK; NYSE:CLL; LSE:CCH)

Amgen Inc.

Collaboration to develop antibody treatments for osteoporosis, focusing on sclerostin

Financial details were not disclosed, but the deal gives Amgen exclusive worldwide rights to develop and market treatments that target sclerostin; Celltech will bear the costs of producing the antibody, and will pay Amgen a proportion of all development costs up to the end of Phase II; Celltech would then either continue to co-invest in Phase III and have European marketing rights, or hand the full rights to Amgen and take milestones and royalties (5/17)

Celltech Group plc (UK; NYSE:CLL; LSE:CCH)

Seattle Genetics

Multiyear research collaboration to use Seattle Genetics' antibody-drug conjugate technology with Celltech's antibody fragments, initially for immunological targets

The collaboration could mean as much as $30M for Seattle Genetics, which will receive an up-front technology access fee and potential milestone payments; Celltech also will pay research fees, reagent fees and royalties (3/28)

Chromos Molecular Systems Inc. (Canada; TSE:CHR)

MorphoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Collaboration in which Chromos will employ Morpho- Gen's adult-derived stem cells to expand applications of Chromos' gene delivery and expression technology for cell-mediated gene therapies

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed (4/24)

Cohesion Technologies Inc. (CSON)

Zycos Inc.*

Nonexclusive research and license agreement for poly- ethylene glycol-based drug delivery to develop hydrogel delivery systems for nucleic acid-based drugs

Zycos granted Cohesion nonexclusive rights to Zycos' PEG-related technology for use in the field of human tissue repair and regeneration, in return for future royalties (4/19)

Corixa Corp. (CRXA)

Rhein Biotech NV (the Netherlands; Neuer Markt:RBO)

License and supply agreement in which Rhein acquired from Corixa the co-exclusive worldwide commercial rights to Corixa's RC-529 synthetic adjuvant for use in Rhein's two-dose hepatitis B vaccine and therapeutic hepatitis B vaccine development program

Corixa will receive up-front license fees, milestone payments and royalties on future product sales; Corixa will produce and supply RC-529, and Rhein will be responsible for commercialization of the new hepatitis B vaccine candidates (4/9)

Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CBST)

Synthematix Inc.

Collaboration to develop and deploy chemical information tools in anti-infective drug discovery

The collaboration is based on Synthematix's ARthur system for storing and searching databases of chemical procedures (3/27)

Debio Recherche Pharmaceutique* (Switzerland)

Shearwater Corp. (unit of Inhale Therapeutic Systems Inc.; INHL)

Agreement to develop and commercialize a hydrogel technology to deliver macro- molecular drugs and proteins as polyethylene-glycol conjugates

The deal provides for patents derived from research funded by Debio to be assigned to Debio in exchange for royalties to Shearwater on sales of products containing PEG hydrogels; Shearwater also received a license to make and use PEG hydrogels outside the drug delivery field in exchange for royalties to Debio (3/12)

DiAthegen LLC*

TissueInformatics Inc.*

Five-year drug target and diagnostic discovery joint venture aimed at developing a platform of target discovery that relates hyperquantitative histological changes in animals and human tissues to specific gene changes over the progression from obesity to Type II diabetes

DiAthegen will contribute its animal modeling, molecular biology and transgenic animal capabilities; TissueInformatics will contribute its automated tissue imaging, hyperquantitative tissue image analysis and gene expression capabilities (4/26)

Discovery Partners International Inc. (DPII)

Xenon Genetics Inc.* (Canada)

Drug discovery agreement to perform lead optimization services on a metabolic syndrome target

Discovery Partners will use its drug platform of biology, chemistry and informatics capabilities to complement Xenon's internal development efforts (4/16)

Dovetail Technologies

LifeTime Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Agreement in which LifeTime gained rights to the anticancer compound Beta-alethine

The agreement includes milestone payments and royalties to Dovetail, as well as requirements to buy products and make research and development payments (4/4)

EBVax Inc.*

MacroGenics Inc.*

Licensing agreement for a therapeutic target induced by Epstein-Barr virus

Macrogenics licensed the target from EBVax and Tufts University; it intends to research treatments for reducing morbidity in patients suffering from the acute and chronic consequences of EBV infection, including mononucleosis and the development of lymphomas; financial terms were not disclosed (5/14)

Enzon Inc. (ENZN) therapeutics

Micromet AG* (Germany)

Multiyear agreement to combine patents and knowledge to develop single-chain antibody

Companies will equally share costs of research and development; Enzon will make an $8M investment in Micromet (4/11)

Exactech Inc. (EXAC)

Genzyme Biosurgery (division of Genzyme Corp.; GENZ)

Agreement combining Exactech's use of human- derived bone materials with Genzyme Biosurgery's synthetic biomaterials to develop new polymer-based materials that support the growth of new bone

Exactech gains an exclusive worldwide license to use Genzyme's Focal synthetic bioabsorbable polymer technologies in certain bone grafting applications in ex- change for unspecified payments on future products (4/3)

GeneFormatics Inc.*

Incyte Genomics

Collaboration in which Geneformatics will use its proteomics technology to find functions and structures of full-length human protein sequences provided by Incyte

Financial terms were not released (4/23)

Genetic Technologies
(Australia; ASX:GTG)

Nanogen Inc. (NGEN)

Nonexclusive limited license agreement for applications in genetic research and human diagnostics

Nanogen does not receive any rights to the patents for applications in animals, plants, or for any gene-mapping applications in any species; Nanogen is paying Genetic Technologies cash and securities worth about A$0.62M (US$0.33M) (4/16)

Genetic Technologies Ltd. (Australia; ASX:GTG)

Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)

Nonexclusive licensing agreement to use Genetic's noncoding patents for genomic mapping and intron sequence analysis

Sequenom will pay Genetic about $527,000 in up-front license fees (4/8)

Genmab A/S (Denmark; CSE:GEN)

Paradigm Therapeutics Ltd.* (UK)

Collaboration to develop antibody therapeutic products for a range of disease areas, including cancer and inflammatory diseases

The companies will collaborate on the research, development and commercialization of the new antibody products, and will share development costs and revenues generated from out-licensing or sales of resulting products (4/11)

GenStar Therapeutics Corp. (AMEX: GNT)

Centocor Inc. (subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson)

Agreement to use GenStar's gene delivery vectors in preclinical studies

GenStar's Max Ad technology will be used in the agreement; financial terms were not disclosed (5/8)

Glycores SRL*

Matrix Therapeutics plc* (UK)

Research agreement that gives Matrix rights to a number of oligosaccharide drug candidates developed by Glycores

Matrix has rights in the fields of cancer and inflammatory diseases; financial terms were not disclosed (5/15**)

ILEX Oncology

Cardiome Pharma Corp. (Canada; OTC BB:COMRF; (Oxyprim)

Option agreement to acquire rights from ILEX to clinical trial data for oxypurinol for the treatment of symptomatic hyperuricemia in allopurinol-intolerant patients

Cardiome exercised its option, but financial details were not disclosed (5/16)

Illumina Inc.

Placer LLC*

Agreement to provide single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping services on a sample collection provided by Placer

Illumina will use its BeadArray technology to genotype specified SNPs in the sample set; Illumina also will design functional assays for the SNP loci (5/3)

ImmPheron Inc.*

InNexus Corp.*

Agreement in which InNexus is acquiring full commercial rights to Super Antibody Technology from ImmPheron

InNexus will issue 2.5M shares of Cusil Venture Corp., a company in which it will merge, as well as $170,000 for the rights (5/6)

Immusol Inc.*

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VRTX)

Collaboration to determine if their combined technologies can uncover protein drug targets that play a role in inflammation and other diseases

Vertex's Aurora Biosciences subsidiary will provide the cell lines and reporter systems for the collaboration; Vertex will make research and development payments to Immusol; the companies will co-own any targets discovered (5/8)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

LION bioscience AG (Germany; LEON)

Agreement to license LION's SRS integration platform

Under the three-year agreement, LION will develop a customized application powered by SRS technology; LION will receive annual license fees and royalties (4/2)

Systems Inc.*

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Two-year collaboration to develop a system for scientific knowledge management

Millennium will provide research and development funding and also will make equity investments in Ingenuity (4/16)

Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ISPH)

Synthematix Inc.*

Collaboration to provide Synthematix's new chem- informatics software for storing and searching databases of useful chemical procedures

Inspire will contribute useful synthetic procedures to Synthematix's Arthur database and also will be able to access the system for detailed chemical, reagent, equipment and procedural information (4/9)

InterLink Biotechnologies LLC*

VDDI Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Collaboration for the development of certain peptides for medical uses in humans and animals

InterLink will provide VDDI with access to InterLink's patents and knowledge related to peptides with increased stability from degradation by proteases; VDDI will pay access fees and potentially milestone payments and royalties for uses in humans and animals (5/7)

InterMune Inc. (ITMN)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Agreement for the acquisition of Amgen's interferon gamma-1b patent estate

InterMune had licensed interferon gamma- 1b from Genentech Inc.; financial terms were not disclosed (5/14)

InterMune Inc. (ITMN)

Mondo-biotech SA* (Switzerland)

Agreement under which the companies will collaborate on the research and development of Actimmune for asthma, and evaluate other possible therapies for pulmonary diseases

InterMune will provide funding and development support for a Phase II study in asthma; it also will take a noncontrolling equity stake in Mondobiotech in exchange for a patent license that covers the use of interferon gamma-1b for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in certain European countries and for bronchial asthma (4/10)

Lynx Therapeutics Inc. (LYNX)

Wilex AG* (Germany)

Collaboration to identify genes regulated by WX-G250, Wilex's lead antibody compound for renal cell carcinoma

Lynx will apply its MPSS (Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing) technology to analyze quantitative differences in the gene expression profiles of samples that were treated with WX-G250; Lynx will receive service payments from Wilex (4/23)


A&G Pharmaceutical Inc.*

Licensing agreement for A&G's technology that targets the PC cell-derived growth factor, which is expressed by breast cancer cells that respond to and have become resis- tant to estrogen therapies

MedImmune licensed exclusive worldwide rights, and will make equity investments, as well as up-front and milestone payments, and pay royalties (4/19)


Panacea Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Licensing agreement for Panacea's technology that targets the enzyme human aspartyl beta-hydroxylase, which is overexpressed in some primary tumor tissues

MedImmune licensed exclusive worldwide rights, and will make equity investments, as well as up-front and milestone payments, and pay royalties (4/19)


Tm Bioscience Corp. (Canada; CDNX:TMC)

Nonexclusive licensing agreement that grants MetriGenix access to Tm's Universal Array technology

MetriGenix will provide Tm with royalty payments on the sales of Universal Array-based products (4/9)

Micrologix Biotech Inc. (Canada; OTC BB: MGIXF; TSE:MBI)

IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IBPI) and Biosource Pharm Inc.*

Agreement in which Micro- logix acquired two preclinical anti-infective programs from IntraBiotics and entered a licensing and research agreement with BioSource

The agreements include a combination of up-front and near-term cash and equity components totaling $800,000, cash and/ or equity payable and valued at specified milestones totaling up to $4.35M, and royalties on product sales (5/22)

MorphoSys AG (Germany; Neuer Markt:MOR)

ProChon Biotech Ltd.* (Israel)

Antibody development agreement under which MorphoSys acquired exclusive rights in oncology to a portfolio of anticancer antibodies being developed at ProChon

The companies also agreed to expand an existing collaboration to work on related antibodies; terms were not disclosed (5/16)

Neokimia Inc.*

Trimeris Inc. (TRMS)

Collaboration to discover and develop small-molecule fusion inhibitors of the human immunodeficiency virus

Neokimia will provide Trimeris a library of small-molecule HIV gp41 fusion protein targets for Trimeris to screen; the companies will jointly fund research until a development candidate is discovered; then, Trimeris will be responsible for all clinical development and regulatory and commercial activities on a worldwide basis; Neokimia will be entitled to payments based on milestones, as well as royalty payments (5/3)

Neurochem Inc. (Canada; TSE:NRM)

Immtech International Inc. (IMMT)

Testing and option agreement that allows Neurochem to evaluate a new class of compounds with potential anti-amyloid activity, in exchange for an initial payment

Neurochem will evaluate the Immtech compounds for activity in laboratory and animal models for amyloid diseases; the companies may later enter a licensing agreement that would include potential milestone payments (5/6)

Orion Corp. (Finland; HEX:ORIBS)

Quintiles Transnational Corp. (QTRN)

Agreement to form a drug development venture to develop a portfolio of selected products in Phases I, II and III from Orion Pharma, the pharmaceutical division of Orion

Orion and Quintiles will have a noncontrolling minority interest in the new company, and plan to offer a majority ownership to outside investors (4/15)

Osteotech Inc. (OSTE)

IsoTis BV* (the Netherlands)

Agreement in which IsoTis exercised its option to acquire the PolyActive patent portfolio from Osteotech

IsoTis acquired the portfolio for $1M (5/8**)

Paradigm Genetics Inc. (PDGM)

VDDI Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Collaboration on an antibiotic program to treat anthrax and other infections

Paradigm will take compounds provided by VDDI and, using its MetaVantage metabolomics technology, prioritize them and determine which ones should be further developed; VDDI will support research and development, in addition to paying royalties; Paradigm also will have the opportunity to make an undisclosed equity investment in VDDI (2/26)

Phylos Inc.*

Avalon Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Agreement to identify drug-protein targets using Phylos' PROfusion technology

Avalon will have the option to license PROfusion for target identification and lead optimization; Phylos will receive research funding and milestone payments, as well as possible annual technology license fees (5/13)

Provid Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)

Collaboration to develop novel drugs based on Sequenom's targets

Sequenom will make an equity investment in Provid, which also will receive research funding, and undisclosed milestone and royalty payments (4/10)

Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AG (Austria; Neuer Markt: SCPH)

Synaptica Ltd.* (UK)

Collaborative research agreement under which the companies will jointly evaluate Sanochemia's next-generation neuro protective galantamine derivatives

The first phase of the agreement is expected to conclude during the summer, whereupon an extension is anticipated (5/16)

Seattle Genetics Inc. (SGEN)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Access agreement to technology for Genentech to build its cancer program

Genentech licensed Seattle Genetics' antibody-drug conjugate technology for use with its antibodies targeted to certain diseases such as cancer; Genentech will pay up to $50M for access to the technology (4/22)

Tranzyme Inc.*

Quark Biotech

Nonexclusive worldwide license agreement to Tranzyme's three-part technology package that includes TExT, for protein expression; TranzVector, for gene transfer; and TranzAssay, for development and drug discovery

Quark Biotech will make an equity investment in Tranzyme and provide annual research funding, as well as milestone payments and royalties (5/15)

Tranzyme Inc.*

Targacept Inc.*

Development and license agreement to develop a bioassay to be used in drug discovery for diseases of the central nervous system

Tranzyme will employ the combination of its technologies for gene transfer and assay development to develop a cell-based assay expressing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors provided by Targacept; Tranzyme will receive development support and downstream royalties on products screened by Targacept using the bioassay; Tranzyme will retain rights to develop and use the bioassay for its internal neurosensory drug discovery efforts; financial terms were not disclosed (5/22)

Tripos Inc. (TRPS)

Ionix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.* (UK)

Agreement to design and synthesize drug-like chemical compounds as potential inhibitors of a single, undis closed Ionix drug target

Tripos will get an undisclosed amount of program funding and downstream milestones and royalties (5/1)

Valentis Inc. (VLTS) Markt:MDG)

Medigene AG (Germany; Neuer

Nonexclusive license agreement for Valentis' GeneSwitch gene regulation technology for research purposes

The agreement involves an up-front payment and annual maintenance fees (5/20)

Variagenics Inc. (VGNX)

Third Wave Technologies Inc. (TWTI)

Agreement for a worldwide license relating to Variagenics' methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase patent rights

Variagenics granted Third Wave nonexclusive rights to commercialize analyte-specific reagents needed to detect polymorphisms within the MTHFR gene for all indications, and molecular diagnostic tests aimed at the assessment of thromboembolic disease risk; Variagenics retains the rights to the development of pharmacogenomic applications in oncology and other disease areas (5/9)

Viventia Biotech Inc. (Canada; TSE:VBI)


Nonexclusive licensing agreement for a bacterial cell-expression technology

Viventia said the XOMA expression system will help implement a high-yield induction manufacturing process at Viventia (4/4)

Xenova Group plc (UK; XNVA; LSE:XEN)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Agreement that gives Genentech rights to Xenova's preclinical OX40 program to develop drugs targeting disorders of the immune system

Genentech will pay license fees of up to $5M during the first year; Xenova could see up to $58M in milestone payments based on development and commercialization, as well as royalties on sales (4/23)


# This chart does not include agreements that involve agricultural product development; chart includes two items before March 26 that were not listed in previous chart.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; CDNX = Canadian Venture Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; HEX = Finland's stock exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over the Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange

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