Type/Product Area

Terms/Details (Date)

AbNovo Inc.*

Immune Network
(Canada; OTC

Collaboration to develop Immune Network's monoclonal antibody portfolio

AbNovo will be dedicated to developing antibody treatments for viral infections, focusing its initial efforts on the development of hNM01 (7/29)


Zentaris AG*

Licensing agreement to develop Perifosine to treat cancer

Access gains exclusive rights to develop and market Perifosine in the U.S., Canada and Mexico; Access will make up-front and milestone payments in excess of $18M, pay royalties on net sales of Perifosine and fund all further development (9/18)

Aerogen Inc.

Laboratories Inc.

Collaboration to evaluate Discovery's humanized lung surfactant with Aerogen's Aeroneb Professional Nebulizer system for the delivery of aerosolized surfactants to prevent and treat respiratory disease

Financial details were not disclosed (7/29)


Accelrys Inc.
(subsidiary of
Pharmacopeia Inc.;

Agreement to develop software designed to assist in drug discovery

Agilent will license Accelrys' Viewer ActiveX Control for 3-D visualization of molecular structures (8/13)


Profile Therapeutics

Agreement for the development of an inhaled alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor product to treat people with emphysema resulting from a genetic deficiency of alpha-1 Pl

Alpha will develop its alpha-1 Pl product as a therapy to be delivered directly to the lung as an aerosolized solution (8/1)

Ambion Inc.*

Celera Diagnostics (joint venture between the Applied Biosystems Group, NYSE:ABI; and the Celera Genomics Group, NYSE:CRA)

Nonexclusive worldwide licensing agreement for the Armored RNA technology in products and processes for in vitro molecular diagnostics

Financial details were not disclosed (9/6)

Amersham Bio-
(unit of
Amersham plc; NYSE:AHM)

(subsidiary of
Amersham Biosciences)

Agreement to jointly develop and commercialize a medium-throughput subcellular analysis system called IN Cell Analyzer 1000

The subcellular analysis system, to be designed for assay development and basic research, is meant to complement the 3000 model (9/23)


GenoMed Inc.
(Pink Sheets:GMED)

Letter of intent to potentially partner in drug discovery projects

Further details were not disclosed (7/31)


Genomics Inc.*

Agreement to undertake a joint study in which genes identified by AngioGenetics will be validated in vivo by DGI

The focus will be angiogenesis regulation; companies will share any revenues generated as a result of the collaboration (8/1)



Proteomics Inc.*

Collaboration to develop technologies and applications for proteomics

Myriad plans to use Applied's 4700 Proteomics Analyzer with TOF/TOF Optics as a platform in its efforts to map the human proteome and to identify drug targets for the prevention and treatment of human disease (8/13)

Inc. (AMEV)

NascaCell GmbH* (Germany)

Nonexclusive, worldwide license agreement for AME's Kauffman patents for directed molecular evolution

NascaCell will use the licensed technology to generate aptamers; financial terms were not disclosed (9/16)

Aquaartis SA*

TheraSci Ltd.*

Screening agreement to discover lead compounds for neurological disorders

Aquaartis will receive an up-front technology access fee and would receive milestone payments and royalties if com- pounds are discovered and developed (8/22)

Atrix Laboratories
Inc. (ATRX)

Immune Network
(Canada; OTC

Agreement providing Immune Network rights to use, for regulatory purposes, certain biological data from studies involving dapsone

Immune Network plans to develop a dapsone product for Alzheimer's disease; Atrix would receive a royalty on sales of any product for which the licensed data are included in a regulatory submission; Immune Network has agreed to pay to Atrix $100,000 annually to maintain the license (8/6)

(unit of
Novartis AG; Switzerland)

Cubist Pharma-

Cubist gets worldwide rights to Biochemie's CAB-175

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed (8/1)



Elitra Pharma-

Agreement to combine its natural products library with antimicrobial discovery technologies belonging to

The aim is to identify new antibacterial and antifungal drugs; Elitra retains the worldwide marketing rights for all collaboration compounds, and would pay milestone and royalty payments based on successful programs (9/12)

Biolex Inc.*

Debiopharm SA* (Switzerland)

Collaboration to examine the feasibility of producing an undisclosed recombinant human therapeutic protein in Debiopharm's development portfolio using Biolex's Lemna System

Financial terms were not disclosed (9/12)


MedImmune Inc.

Laboratory services agreement in which BioReliance will perform a range of assays for certain MedImmune development-stage or commercial products for one year

BioReliance said it is improving its facilities, enhancing capabilities and adding staff to meet the needs of MedImmune (9/18)

Biovitrum AB* (Sweden)

BioFocus plc

Drug discovery collaboration focused on G protein-coupled receptors

They will jointly identify drug molecules for a number of GPCRs (9/12)

BioXell SpA*


Co. Ltd.*

Exclusive joint collaboration to research and develop new drugs targeting selected members of the G protein- coupled receptor family to treat chronic inflammatory diseases

BioXell will be responsible for receptor target identification and testing candidates in various bioassays; financial terms were not disclosed (9/9)

British Biotech

GeneSoft Inc.*

Agreement for a broad-based collaboration to discover and develop anti-infective drugs based on British Biotech's bacterial metalloenzyme inhibitors

GeneSoft will make an up-front payment of $4M, and it will pay $1M in a milestone payment, as well as equity worth 3.45% of GeneSoft (8/9)

Caprion Pharmaceuticals Inc.* (Canada)

IDEC Pharma-

Research collaboration for IDEC to use Caprion's CellCarta, a subcellular proteomics discovery platform, to discover antigens that will be used to develop cancer therapeutics

The collaboration includes a $4M equity investment in Caprion by IDEC, as well as $7M for a technology access fee and research funding; the deal also could include milestone payments and high- single-digit royalties if products result from the collaboration (9/17)

Celgene Corp.

High Throughput Genomics Inc.*

Agreement to use Celgene's target and drug discovery platform with HTG's Omix Imager system for high-throughput genomic screening

The agreement also includes developing and supplying ArrayPlate kits containing sets of genes associated with disease path- ways targeted by Celgene's drug discovery programs (8/19)

Cellectis SA*

Artemis Pharma-
(subsidiary of Exelixis Inc.; EXEL)

Worldwide nonexclusive license agreement under a patent family covering the use of homologous recombination

It allows use of the technology for gene activation and substitution in living organisms (9/19)

Cetek Corp.*


Agreement for Essential to use Cetek's high-throughput screening technology to discover antibiotics for itself and its partner, Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

The companies did not disclose financial terms (8/21)

Crucell NV
(the Netherlands;

GenVec Inc.

Licensing agreement to supply its PER.C6 cell line to further develop GenVec's lead cardiovascular product candidate, BioBypass angiogen

GenVec received a nonexclusive, commercial license for PER.C6; Crucell will receive an up-front fee and would receive royalties on product sales (8/12)

Crucell NV
(the Netherlands;

NatImmune A/S* (Denmark)

Research licensing agreement to evaluate the production of mannan-binding lectin on PER.C6 cells

Crucell will receive up-front and annual payments, as well as royalties on net sales of marketed MBL products (9/5)


Lynx Therapeutics

Service agreement to study stem cell gene expression

Lynx will receive payments for genomics services it performs on the human stem cell samples it is provided (7/30)

Curacyte AG* (Germany)

Gambro Dialysatoren GmbH* (Germany)

Agreement under which Gambro will receive an exclusive worldwide sublicense to use Curacyte's protease inhibitors in extracorporeal blood treatment applications

Financial details were not disclosed (9/3)


Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Agreement to develop monoclonal antibodies, small molecules and other products from Dendreon's preclinical Trp-p8 gene platform

Genentech will purchase equity in Dendreon and will provide up-front and milestone payments potentially in excess of $110M (8/13)


Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC*

Agreement in which Dendreon is outsourcing its cell-processing operations

Progenitor will pay a fee to Dendreon and assume operational, lease and personnel obligations for the facility in Mountain View, Calif. (8/28)

Devgen NV*

Elegene AG*

Agreement in which Devgen purchased the assets of Elegene, including image acquisition technology and a library of disease models in CNS for pain and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases

Devgen said the purchase fits its disease focus; financial terms were not disclosed (8/8)

Discovery Partners International

Inspire Pharma-

Collaboration for optimization of lead compounds in Inspire's P2Y12 antagonist program

The collaboration will focus on the optimization of compounds that may be linked to treating cardiovascular disease (8/6)

DNAPrint genomics Inc.

Exiqon A/S*

Nonexclusive licensing agreement to incorporate Locked Nucleic Acid technollogy into certain pharmacogenomics and forensics tests

The agreement enables DNAPrint to use a specialty modified DNA in the construction of its test kits (8/28)

Enanta Pharma-

Chiron Corp.

Agreement to develop therapeutics for the hepatitis C virus using Enanta's chemistry expertise

Chiron will grant Enanta a nonexclusive license to some of its HCV patents; Chiron will provide research funding, as well as license fees, potential milestone payments and royalties (9/4)

Evotec OAI


Agreement to form a 50-50 joint venture to develop small-molecule antimicrobial drugs based on targets generated by Microscience's functional genomics platform

The new company, called Vmax, initially will share Microscience's facility in Wokingham (9/4**)

Genentech Inc.

Serono SA
(Switzerland; NYSE:SRA)


Agreement gives Serono exclusive rights to market Raptiva in areas outside the U.S., Japan and certain other Asian countries (8/8)


South Gene
Technology Co.
(commercial arm
of the National Human Genome Center; Japan)

Agreement in which the companies will operate a joint venture, Shanghai IgCon Therapeutics Co. Ltd.

The venture will focus on the development of human therapeutic antibodies against diseases; the deal was signed last November, but the companies just gained the license to start the joint venture this month (9/4)


(Australia; OTC BB:GNTLF; ASX:GTG)

Sciences Inc.*

Exclusive limited-field license to Genetic Technologies' noncoding patents

The license is limited to high-resolution whole-genome analysis; Perlegen will pay cash and securities worth about A$1.6M (US$876,000) (9/9)

Genmab A/S
(Denmark; CSE:GEN)

Semaia Pharma-
& Co. KG*
(the Netherlands)

Collaboration to develop new antibody therapeutic products

Genmab will use its fully human antibody technology to create and develop products for up to four cancer disease target molecules discovered and validated by Semaia; parties will share research development and commercialization costs, and will share equally the revenues generated from out- licensing or sales of the antibody products (7/31)

Genomics Collaborative

Celera Diagnostics (joint venture be-
tween the Applied Biosystems Group, NYSE:ABI, and the Celera Genomics Group; NYSE:CRA)

Agreement to provide clinical materials and data to Celera Diagnostics

The deal is designed to support several of Genomics Collaborative's ongoing programs to detect markers in various unnamed disease states (9/23)

Genomics Collaborative

LION bioscience

Agreement to creating GCI Clinical, a database of demographic, epidemiological and medical information that complements the Global Repository of Genomics Collaborative Inc.

Further details were not disclosed (9/4)

Genset SA


Exclusive worldwide license agreement to all therapeutic applications that may result from Genset's patent applications covering the full-length genomic sequences of Chlamydia pneumoniae and Chlamydia trachomatis

Ricerca will own rights to all anti-infective drugs developed in the program; Genset will receive an equity position in Ricerca, along with patent issuance and development milestones and royalties from any drugs developed or co-developed by Ricerca (7/26)

Gentris Corp.*

Promega Corp.*

Agreement to jointly pursue development of clinical pharmacogenomic products

The purpose of the agreement is to combine the companies' technologies into a robotic liquid handling platform (9/9)

Gradipore Inc.
(Australia; ASX:GDP)

Cangene Corp. (Canada; TSE:CNJ)

Exclusive licensing agreement in which Cangene will evaluate Gradipore's platform separation technology, Gradiflow, as an enhancement to its hyperimmune manufacturing process

The agreement specifies up-front and milestone payments by Cangene (9/11)


Pharmadigm Inc.*
and the University
of Utah

Licensing agreement for certain intellectual property for Hollis-Eden to use in a program of hormonal regulation of genes to treat diseases

Financial terms were not disclosed (8/29)

Hybridon Inc.


Collaboration to develop an antisense drug candidate targeted to down-regulate Aegera's target, XIAP, which has been implicated in the resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy

Hybridon also licensed to Aegera rights to a portfolio of second-generation antisense chemistries and oral antisense delivery intellectual property owned or licensed by Hybridon; Aegera will pay Hybridon certain up-front and milestone payments that could total about $7.7M, as well as potential royalties (9/17)

Hybridon Inc.

Micrologix Biotech
(Canada; TSE:MBI)

Exclusive worldwide rights agreement to a family of patents covering several antisense oligonucleotides targeted to the HPV genome

Hybridon will receive an up-front payment and potential milestone payments totaling up to $5.7M, as well as royalties (9/12)

Hyseq Pharma-

Celera Diagnostics (joint venture between Applied Bio systems Group, NYSE:ABI; Celera Genomics Group, NYSE:CRA) and the University of California

License agreement for non-exclusive access to a large-scale Hyseq patient sample collection, which contains more than 12,000 DNA samples and accompanying clinical data that are expected to be used to study the molecular genetics of cardiovascular disease

Financial terms were not disclosed (9/9)

ICOS Corp.

Protarga Inc.*

Agreement to investigate the application of Protarga's Targaceutical vectors to ICOS compounds

Protarga will chemically link fatty acid vectors to ICOS' cancer drug candidates that are based on cell-cycle checkpoints; both companies are investing funds and will mutually own the intellectual property that arises (7/29)

Isis Pharma-

X-Mine Inc.*

Licensing agreement for X-Mine's products, Opus and X-Miner

Financial details were not disclosed (8/6)

Luminex Corp.

Celera Diagnostics (joint venture between Applied Biosystems Group, NYSE:ABI; and the Celera Genomics Group, NYSE:CRA)

Licensing and supply agreement for Luminex's patents

Celera Diagnostics gains worldwide, non-exclusive rights to develop and distribute in vitro molecular diagnostic products based on Luminex's xMAP technology; Luminex will receive royalties from the commercialization of Celera Diagnostics' products based on Luminex's technology, as well as revenues from the sale of instruments and xMAP microspheres (8/22)


Biosite Inc.

Three-year collaboration in which Biosite will use its Omniclonal phage display technology with MedImmune drug targets to generate high-affinity antibodies

Biosite will receive development fees, target maintenance fees, milestone fees and royalties (8/15)


ViroNovative BV*
(the Netherlands)

Licensing agreement for human metapneumonovirus from ViroNovative

MedImmune will pay ViroNovative $10M up front, fund research and development, and pay milestones and royalties on resulting products (8/15)


Novozymes A/S*

Joint research project to develop new methods to produce antibodies

It combines Neugenesis' technology in monoclonal antibodies with Novozymes' expertise in gene technology; the deal includes an option to form a broader partnership (9/20)

Oxagen Ltd.*

Nordic Bioscience* (Denmark)

Licensing agreement for a Nordic patent covering variants in three genes, each of which represents a diagnostic marker for the detection of predisposition to osteoporosis

Further details were not disclosed (8/29)

Oxford Glyco-

Actelion Ltd. (Switzerland; SWX:ATLN)


Marketing and distribution agreement for Zavesca in Europe for five years; OGS will manufacture the drug and remain responsible for regulatory activities (7/26)


MediQuest Therapeutics

Agreement in which Poly- Biotech acquired two patents from MediQuest for S-adenosyl methionine regulation and "Methods for Reducing Anti- microbial Resistance"

Further details were not disclosed (8/14)

Praecis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PRCS)

Thuris Corp.*

Research collaboration to use Thuris' RapidAging animal models to develop compounds for age-related therapeutic targets in the brain

Thuris will test certain compounds for Praecis and assess their effects against certain age-related pathologies (8/2)

(Sweden; SSE:PYROA)

Bioimics AB*

Agreement granting Pyrosequencing access to intellectual property covering the use of the RNase P gene for identifying clinically relevant bacteria by Bioimics

Pyrosequencing gained an option for an exclusive worldwide license to the RNase P gene for detecting pathogenic organisms; Pyrosequencing will fund a research pro- ject in which Bioimics will use Pyrosequencing's PSQ 96 System to sequence the Endoriboclease P gene in various micro- organisms to validate its use for identifying clinically relevant bacteria (9/3)

ReNeuron Holdings plc*

Amrad Corp.

Agreement for worldwide rights to a patent from Amrad to use c-Myc and related genes to immortalize neural cells

ReNeuron is working to derive c-Myc immortalized cells to treat Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease and stroke (9/18**)

Serenex Inc.*

Chiron Corp.

Collaboration to use Serenex's technology to discover new drug targets and potential off-targets

Chiron will supply Serenex with small-molecule drug-like compounds, and Serenex will use its Proteome Mining and Function Proteome Fractionation technologies to screen the compounds against thousands of potential protein targets simultaneously; Serenex will receive up-front payments for research funding and potential milestone and royalty payments (9/24)



Agreement in which Targacept acquired Inversine from Layton

Financial details were not disclosed; Targacept believes Inversine holds promise for treating diseases of the central nervous system (8/27)


BD Technologies
(unit of Becton,
Dickinson and Co.; NYSE:BDX)

Alliance to develop products for drug discovery as well as cell and tissue engineering

BD will use Tranzyme's gene delivery and expression technologies, TranzVector and TExT; BD would have the rights to market commercialized products and would pay Tranzyme a fee on the sale of each product; also, BD would provide Tranzyme access to undisclosed intellectual property for Tranzyme's internal drug discovery programs (9/10)


Renegade Therapeutics*

Worldwide license for its
RNA targeting patent

Variagenics granted Renegade worldwide exclusive rights to all non-allele-specific applications for the research, development and commercialization of small-molecule drugs that target RNA; Variagenics will receive up-front fees, potential milestone payments, reimbursement for patent-related expenses and royalties (7/30)


# This chart does not include agreements that involve agricultural product development.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; SSE = Swedish Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange