Figures from a financing of a non-biotech company were mistakenly included in the April 8, 2002, BioWorld Financial Watch issue. On page 4, the correct figure for the total of March follow-on offerings is $156.9 million. The number of follow-on offerings that occurred in March is four, and the average value of the March follow-ons is $39.225 million. The number of follow-ons in 2002 is 10, and the total raised in follow-ons in 2002 is $449.03 million. The average follow-on offering in 2002 raised $44.9 million.

On page 14, the total for public offerings in March should be $156.9 million. The total for all public offerings, for all financings occurring in March, and for all financings this year should be $577.8 million, $585.9 million and $4,804.5 million, respectively.

Editor's note: The corrections have been made on BioWorld Online.