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Uli Hacksell, CEO and director
Privately Held


Acadia focuses its genomics drug discovery and development on target-specific, small-molecule drug candidates using its technology platform integrating genomics, chemistry, molecular biology and pharmacology to identify and validate drug targets and discover chemistries specific to those targets.

The chemical genomics high-throughput platform that interfaces with Acadia’s drug discovery capabilities consists of four key elements: receptor selection and amplification technology (R-SAT) functional assay, diverse compound library, genomic targets and reference drugs.

The company has applied its chemical genomics platform to generate a discovery pipeline that includes 16 programs directed at major diseases, including psychosis, chronic pain, glaucoma and dementia.


Extension of licensing and development collaboration of target-specific muscarinic lead compounds in glaucoma: Allergan Inc.

Licensing and development collaborations focused on the discovery of drug candidates for selected genomic targets: ArQule Inc.

Collaborative agreement to provide pharmacogenomic services to pharmaceutical clients developing neuropsychiatric products: Paraxel International Corp.

Extension of chemical genomics collaboration for several potential drug targets focused primarily on glaucoma and chronic pain: Allergan Inc.

Collaboration for functional genomic evaluation of clinical trial data: Center for Molecular Medicine at the Karolinska Institute.