Lochhamer Straße 11
82152 Martinsried
Phone: +49 89 89 55 74-0

Klaus Heumann, CEO
Privately Held


Founded in 1997 as a spin-off of the GSF-MIPS academic research group, Biomax Informatics is focused on the development of bioinformatics tools for the life scientist. The company provides a variety of products to analyze DNA and protein sequences, recognize specific genetic elements, conduct gene expression analysis and manage data sets.

The company’s BioRS system facilitates retrieval of information from both public and in-house databases. The Biomax Gene Expression Analysis Suite is used to systematically analyze and visualize gene expression data from different experiments. Users can find clusters of tightly co-expressed genes, evaluate active metabolic pathways and predict interactions among the corresponding proteins.

The Pedant Genome Database is a collection of systematically annotated and classified genomes available.

The company also offers annotation services and customized bioinformatics products.


Strategic partnership for the development of software tools for optimized drug-target lead generation and validation: Molecular Networks GmbH

Other partners include InforMax Inc., Softberry Inc. and Sun Microsystems GmbH.