Bunsenstraße 3
D-82152 Martinsried
Phone: +49 8989 543-0

Homayoun Mehmaneche, CEO
Privately Held


Helix Informatics AG offers IT solutions for life sciences companies in biotechnology, pharmacology, medicine, agricultural technology and food production. It focuses on the integration of bioinformatics processes with molecular laboratory data, with emphasis on realizing application systems in the areas of applied bioinformatics, laboratory data management, high-throughput screening, information management and data mining.

Helix has the BenchNote and BenchWorks products to automate laboratory and bioinformatics processes. BenchNote is the electronic laboratory journal, a platform-independent editor based on Internet technology with functions to save text and graphics, to reference molecular biology experiments, to integrate molecular biology data as links and to query databases in the Internet. BenchWorks is the bioinformatics platform that Helix uses for the management of molecular biology data, both from the Internet and for experimental data from the laboratory, for integration of software tools and for the management of laboratory processes in molecular biology. The platform offers an adapted database management system for bioinformatics problems, an integration component for software tools, as well as a “workflow engine” to optimize bioinformatics processes.