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75014 Paris
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Arthur D. Strosberg, CEO
Privately Held


Hybrigenics SA, a functional proteomics company, has developed integrated in silico- and biological experiment-based technology platforms that allow target identification, selection, prioritization and validation. Its strategy is to use these platforms to discover and validate novel targets for biopharmaceutical companies and to build a pipeline of proprietary biomarkers, small molecules and antibody drug products. The company has programs and collaborations in infectious and metabolic diseases and cancer.

Hybrigenics uses its proprietary high-throughput screening PIM technology to create protein-protein interaction maps for target lead prioritization. Its PIM database, through the use of PIMrider bioinformatics software, is accessible through subscription licenses. Bioinformatics pre-validation tools are applied to the protein interaction maps for further validation. Targets are then analyzed and validated in a biological model using the company’s SID technology.

In January 2001, Hybrigenics and the Pasteur Institute, of Paris, announced the completion of the first protein interaction map of a human bacterial pathogen, Helicobacter pylori, generated with the use of Hybrigenics technology. In May 2001, the company was granted exclusive license to a U.S. patent held by the Pasteur Institute, protecting a crucial part of its PIM technology.

The company is a member of Genostar, a French consortium for the development of an informatics platform for exploratory genomics, and of the Biopathways consortium, an international open forum aimed at fostering the development of pathway informatics, launched by Hybrigenics and 3rd Millennium Inc.


Functional proteomics collaboration in cancer and neurological disorders: Oxford Glycosciences plc.

Functional proteomics in cellular development and carcinogenesis: The Curie Institute Alliance, Curie Institute.

Scientific alliance extended to functional proteomics agreement in infectious disease: The Pasteur Institute Alliance, Pasteur Institute.

Drug target discovery alliance in cancer: Servier.

Drug co-development against hepatitis C virus: XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.

Expressed genes and proteomics discovery in obesity: Lynx Therapeutics Inc.

PIM of HIV protein-protein interactions: ANRS (French Agency for AIDS Research).

Cell signaling and obesity collaborations: Cochin Institute and CNRS.