12 Ha’mada Street
TAMAR Building
Entrance A, Rabin Park
Rehovot 76703, Israel
Phone: 972-8-9316664

Nir Nimrodi, CEO
Privately Held


Formed in 1998, Mindsense Biosystems Ltd. focuses on the discovery and commercialization of biomarkers to address the unmet needs of those with mental disorders. The company aims to reduce the suffering and costs associated with mental disorders by developing biomarkers that will speed diagnosis and improve monitoring and treatment of the disease.

The company employs proteomics and functional genomics tools combined with marker analysis to identify the collection of blood biomarkers that can diagnose and monitor mental diseases.

The company's initial focus is depression, and it said it has discovered candidate blood-based biomarkers for the illness. Mindsense developed the biomarkers by analyzing blood from healthy people, patients and patients after treatment.


The depression biomarkers serve as the basis for collaboration with Ciphergen Biosystems Inc., of Fremont, Calif.