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Tony White, president NYSE:CRA


The Celera Genomics Group was established in May 1998 by the PE Corp., now Applera Corp., and J. Craig Venter, founder of The Institute for Genomic Research. Celera Genomics and the Applied Biosystems Group comprise Applera Corp.

Celera Genomics is engaged mainly in integrating technologies to create therapeutic discovery and development capabilities for internal use and for its customers and collaborators. It has an online information business and therapeutics discovery business. The online information business is a leading provider of information based on the human genome and related biological and medical information.

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic customers use this information along with Celera’s information technology solutions in the life science research fields and in pharmaceutical and diagnostic discovery and development areas. However, Celera intends to study genes and proteins and their relationship to diseases, both in internal programs and through collaborations, to identify drug targets and diagnostic markers, and to discover and develop therapeutic candidates.

In April 2001, Celera said it completed the assembly of the mouse genome, after beginning the project in April 2000. Celera used data generated solely from its high-throughput sequencing factory, proprietary algorithms and the whole-genome shotgun technique.

Announced in June 2001 and completed in November, Celera said it was buying Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc., of South San Francisco, for about $173.4 million. The move was designed to accelerate Celera’s evolution into a therapeutic discovery and development company.


In December 2001, Celera and Syrrx Inc., of San Diego, formed a research collaboration to discover small-molecule drugs. In the deal, Syrrx will apply its high-throughput technology platform to determine the 3-dimensional structures of proteins identified by Celera as potential drug targets.

In July 2001, Celera and Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Carlsbad, Calif., said that Celera will employ Isis’ GeneTrove and its antisense gene functionalization to identify the biological role of more than 200 genes selected by Isis. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Other partners include Amgen Inc., City of Hope, Diversa Corp., Genomica Corp., Genzyme Molecular Oncology, Geron Corp., Life Technologies Inc., LION Bioscience AG, Lynx Therapeutics Inc., Novartis, Pharmacia Corp., Rhone Poulenc Rohrer, SomaLogic Inc., Spotfire Inc., The SNP Consortium, University of California at Berkeley, and University of Wales College of Medicine. Customers include biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and academic and government institutions.