9881 S. Wilcrest Houston, Texas 77099
Phone: 281-988-6118 www.cytogenix.com

Malcolm Skolnick, CEO OTC BB:CYGX


CytoGenix Inc. is a biotechnology company conducting research and development of genomic products. The principal area of interest is identifying and commercializing therapeutic applications for the company’s technology for the intracellular expression of single-stranded DNA molecules. Progress to date has demonstrated effective expression for the Oligonucleotide Mediated Intervention therapies of triplex, antisense, aptamer and catalytic DNA applications. The company’s goal is to improve the health and well being of humans, companion animals and livestock.

Basic research is being conducted in the CytoGenix laboratory, with additional studies under way through sponsored research agreements with various universities and medical research facilities throughout the U.S.

The core of the CytoGenix patent portfolio describes expression systems that can be introduced into targeted cells where they can produce single-stranded DNA molecules of the sequence specified.

In addition to its ssDNA expression technology, CytoGenix is developing business structures through PharmaGenix LLC, a joint enterprise with the Professional Compounding Centers of America and its nearly 3,000-member compounding pharmacists.


CytoGenix is collaborating with Endovasc Ltd. Inc., of Montgomery, Texas, to use Endovasc’s liposome technology to develop a unique liposome that will encapsulate CytoGenix’s expression system sequences and protect them from destruction by exo- and endo-nucleases found on the skin and in the bloodstream.

In August 2002, CytoGenix initiated a cooperative research and development agreement with Omnimmune Corp., of Houston.