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Phone: 408-752-1635

George Huang, founder and CEO
Privately Held


Formed as GeneAsia Inc. in 1998 and renamed in 1999, Clingenix Inc. is a genomics research company focused on using its technology to speed drug development in its core areas of Type II diabetes, insulin resistance and associated metabolic syndromes. The company is combining its scientific research expertise with databases, sample bank and proprietary assay techniques to candidate genes for study and to determine the best leads for therapy.

Clingenix has compiled a database focused on diabetes, insulin resistance, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Because the Chinese population is a relatively homogeneous population with well-defined family structures, the company has used its established relationship with China to develop its database and tissue bank. Clingenix intends to expand its databases and tissue banks to include an equal number of patients from North America, Europe and East Asia..


The company has a collaboration with MJ Life Co., of Taipei, Taiwan, under which MJ will provide laboratory services and expertise, along with samples and database information from study subjects for Clingenix's clinical trials throughout Asia. In return, MJ Life will have the first right of refusal to market in Asia all new methods and technologies that Clingenix may develop in connection with such samples and database information.