Rudolf-Wissell-Str. 28
37079 Göttingen
Phone: +49 551 505 58 520

Herbert Stadler, founder and CEO
Privately Held


DeveloGen AG is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutic targets and agents, applying functional genomic and gene discovery techniques to developmental biology for diabetes, obesity and liver regeneration.

Its DeveloScreen technology platform performs customized gene discovery and functional validation in vivo and in vitro and is used for in-house research and development programs. To validate gene functions and identify drug targets, DeveloGen uses various methods to induce mutagenesis in fruit flies, zebrafish, chick embryos and mice, and then looks for changes in phenotype after the mutations. The company also looks for naturally occurring mutant populations.

The company’s DeveloVec program includes baculovirus vectors and sheep adenovirus gene delivery systems.

DeveloGen’s mission is to become a biopharmaceutical company and leader in the field of therapeutics created from developmental biology-based functional genomics. It plans to explore further therapeutic areas with its DeveloScreen platform and hopes to find and optimize lead molecules as potential drugs in partnerships with biotechnology companies.