Landsberger Str. 6
D-80339 Munich
Phone: +49 8959 9766-0

Thomas Werner, founder and CEO
Privately Held


Established in 1997, Genomatix Software GmbH is a bioinformatics software company concentrating its analytical efforts on the 30 percent of the human genome that encodes the regulatory signals promoters, enhancers and terminators that control gene expression. It provides tools and know-how for the bioinformatics of functional genomics.

Genomatix has developed a library of experimentally verified promoter “modules,” which comprise data on promoter sequences and a complex combination of other parameters that influence gene expression, such as transcription factor binding sites.

The company is actively engaged in identifying and compiling them, which will enable researchers to perform comparative analyses of sequences that are known to be functionally similar, but which are not fully understood at the molecular level.


Partners include Biological Databases/Biologische Datenbanken GmbH; DoubleTwist Inc.; Geneka Biotechnology Inc.; and AG BIODV, at the GSF-National Research Center for Environment and Health in Germany.