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United Kingdom
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Gareth Roberts, CEO
Privately Held


Proteom Ltd. is a bioinformatics company using its informatics platform to design peptides to bind with specific protein regions, identify protein binding sites and to predict protein-protein interactions. Drug discovery applications of the platform include therapeutic agents, high-throughput screening, small-molecule leads and diagnostic tags.

Proteom’s informatics platform is based on the ProtoPep database, which is updated with public genomic and proteomic data. Using ProtoPep, algorithms and mathematical models that can assign function to a given protein, Proteom has been able to define a series of rules used to determine protein interactions. Proteom is currently developing rule sets on yeast (S. cerevisiae) data.

The company says that more than 1,000 peptides have been designed to bind with specific regions of 200 proteins of interest to drug discovery researchers and are available for license on Biowisdom Ltd.’s research portal via its Drug Discovery Portfolio.


Collaboration to use in silico proteomics approach to design peptide inhibitors targeted against certain apoptosis pathway proteins: Dartmouth Medical School.

Agreement that gives BioWisdom rights to grant licenses for evaluating Proteom’s peptide data in relation to proteins of interest online through the BioWisdom Internet site: BioWisdom Ltd.

Research collaboration to identify peptides that will mimic interactions between the subunits of certain ion channels: Sense Proteomic Ltd.

Proteom also works with other companies and academic groups in Europe, North America and Japan.