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Robert L. Erwin, chairman and CEO


Large Scale Biology Corp. focuses on the discovery, analysis, manufacture and commercialization of proteins using its two major proprietary technologies: ProGEx and Geneware. The company’s core platforms are supported with technologies in genomics, proteomics, purification sciences and molecular biology.

The company’s commercial activities include therapeutics; protein markers and biochips primarily for diagnostics and monitoring of disease; functional genes in agbiotech and forestry; and large-scale biomanufacturing of proteins in plants and bulk purification.

The ProGEx high-throughput technology can be used for the separation, analysis, identification and quantitation of proteins from biological samples for applied biology, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

The Geneware technology is used to test the function of novel genes and proteins and to manufacture complex proteins in bulk, using a modified vector from a virus to place any gene (or a large number of genes) within a test organism for a range of applications in biomanufacturing and functional genomics. This technology has been employed using the tobacco plant but LSBC also is developing a version of Geneware for use in cultured mammalian cells.

In January 2001, LSBC completed the first version of its proprietary human proteome database, the Human Protein Index v1.0. The database contains quantitative measurements of protein amounts obtained using Large Scale’s ProGEx proteomics platform from 157 separate, medically relevant tissue databases, and totals 115,693 proteins. Large Scale said the database covers the protein products of 18,000 human genes. Estimates of the total number of human genes would place the total number of human protein products at 28,000 to 120,000.


Received two exclusive licenses and entered a collaboration to combine high-throughput gene discovery capabilities with Plant Bioscience’s portfolio of technologies: Plant Bioscience Ltd.

Protein chip development in cardiovascular diseases and liver toxicology: Biosite Diagnostics Inc.

Production of stem cell growth factor from joint research project focusing on non-embryonic human stem cell research: U.S. Navy and National Institutes of Health.

Development and large-scale manufacture of therapeutic antibodies: ProdiGene Inc.

Technology alliance to generate antibody and protein target components for protein biochips: BioSite Diagnostics Inc.

Other collaborators include: Genentech Inc., Gemini Genomics plc, GlaxoSmithKline plc, The Dow Chemical Co., Dow AgroSciences LLC, Novartis Pharma AG and the Procter & Gamble Co.

Other collaborations include the Scottish Crop Research Institute, SRI International and the University of California, Irvine.